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You know how when you get a new smartphone you vow that THIS ONE won’t get a scratched or cracked screen? But then you look at the protective cases and realize that they add a ton of bulk and they’re really ugly? So you consider a cute case, but you’re honest with yourself, and you know that your habit of tossing your phone into your pocket or purse, means that the case isn’t going to do anything for the longevity of your phone?

Yea, I know it’s not a life and death decision. But it’s really annoying that you have to choose from functional, but ugly; or cute, but worthless cases for your expensive smartphones and other electronics. But that’s all changed thanks to They just introduced a new inkFusion Pro Case which is cute AND provides protection!

Skin It inkFusion Pro Case – Pretty & Protected!

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This new Thermoplastic Polymer Fusion case marries function and fun! Now you CAN have a cute case that matches your personality but one that also protects your sensitive device! And the best thing about the inkFusion Pro Case is YOU design it! Yep, it’s customizable with your photo, logo, or whatever else you want to show off on your smartphone or tablet case

I just created a inkFusion Samsung Galaxy S4 Case and I LOVE it! I mixed a fashion forward teal chevron pattern with my bog’s logo and the result is a case that’s adorable, colorful, fun, AND one that protects my beloved S4! Better yet, it’s ultra-thin and lightweight so it doesn’t add a ton of bulk to my phone. It’s a hard shell case with a shock absorbing liner.

There are plenty of sizes to choose from for those of you still toting iPhones around – cases fit the inkFusion iPhone 5 Case (plus  iPhone 5S/5c/4/4S) as well as Galaxy SIII/S4. Literally thousands of devices can be fitted with these new customized covers.

The pro will set you back $39.99 – much cheaper than the case I’m removing from my G4 to replace with my new customized protector. inkFusion Lite Case – Lightweight and Slimline

Don’t want to go Pro? There’s a inkFusion Lite case that consists of just the Thermoplatic Polymer hard shell case. It starts at $29.99. – Customize Device Cases and Skins

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Customizing my new case was a breeze. I uploaded two graphics that I liked, layered one on top of the other, and tada! I was presented with an onscreen look at my case and a warning if I designed something that was unprintable (like a graphic whose resolution was too low).’s customizer also allowed me to add shapes and texts if I liked and gave me the option of using stock graphics and photos if I hadn’t had my own. Layers could be rotated, resized, and everything tweaked until I loved it. inkFusion Pro Case – My Results

My new case - pretty and protected! Ad

So here’s my case – it’s amazing! I’ll admit, I probably should have put a pic of one of my kids or my pets, but this case is so me. I love that the colors are perfect, it represents me, and I’m looking forward to using it on my next blogging trip!

So what would you personalize your case with? Your favorite football team? Kids’ photo? Maybe a pet? The sky is truly the limit!

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