I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a thank me for my participation

NESCAFE Dolce Gusto GENIO - Gourmet Coffee at Home! #GIVEAWAY #MC  @DolceGustoUS - Sponsored

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to test out and review the new NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto GENIO™.  I was thrilled for the opportunity because I love warm drinks but I hate coffee shop prices. My husband and I both enjoy coffee drinks but we have very distinct tastes which makes it difficult to brew coffee in our house each morning.  He likes a medium roasted coffee with cream and sugar, I prefer lattes and macchiatos.  We had been talking about getting a single serve coffee maker for a while but I wasn’t really sold on any of them at the time.  I have to honestly say that my last week or so with my GENIO has been amazing and fun!

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Test Drive MomReasons I love my Dolce Gusto GENIO

  1. NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto is the only machine that truly delivers delicious, coffee-house quality creations every time with patented smart capsule technology delivering up to 15 bars of professional pressure and espresso technology. 
  2. While their selection at this time is smaller than other single serve coffee makers their flavor and layered drink capability exceeds my expectations. Depending on the type of drink you are making, you brew two different coffee capsules.  For example, my Caramel Macchiato is made brewing my coffee first and my creama second.  It’s the perfect brew each time with no burnt milk, something I have experienced multiple times at my local coffee shop!
  3. The water heats up extremely fast.  I tested this with putting refrigerated filtered water in and my cup of Chocochino (hot chocolate) came out creamy and hot in under one minute.
  4. You can customize your drink by deciding how strong you want it. I really like the freedom to customize your experience!

NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Coffee Capsules

NESCAFE Dolce Gusto GENIO - Gourmet Coffee at Home! #GIVEAWAY #MC  @DolceGustoUS - Sponsored

Here is a list of the current coffee and exotic drinks available with NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto coffee capsules.  There are both hot and cold drinks available which adds a new spin on the drink variety – Cappuccino IceCappuccino,  Caramel Latte Macchiato, Caffe AmericanoSkinny Cappuccino, Nestea Peach Iced Tea,  Skinny Latte,  Latte Macchiato, Vanilla Latte Macchiato, ChococinoMocha,  Chai Tea LatteEspressoCaffe LungoCaffe Lungo Decaf,  A Dark Roast, Morning Blend, and Caffe Grand Intenso.


I also found that I used my GENIO in ways I didn’t expect to, I went to a cookie exchange this last weekend and I brought Chai Tea Latte cookies that I made using the Dolce Gusto Chai Tea Latte coffee capsules. I used MomTastic’s Spiced Cider Meltaway Cookie recipe but swapped out apple cider and used Chai Tea instead http://www.momtastic.com/food/171029-spiced-cider-meltaways-for-santa/) I simply brewed a cup of Chai Tea and I substituted it for the liquid portion in my recipe.  It was a total experiment, but it resulted in some great tasting cookies that go fantastic with a cup of coffee or tea.

NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto GENIO  Coffeemaker: Final Thoughts

NESCAFE Dolce Gusto GENIO - Gourmet Coffee at Home! #GIVEAWAY #MC  @DolceGustoUS - Sponsored

The GENIO is so small and compact that it makes travelling with it easy. I took it to my mom’s  house recently to enjoy an evening sampling the different coffee capsules.  I found the entire brewing process really simple and with eight people trying out different drinks, it really didn’t take long to get everyone’s individual coffee order made and served. My mom loved the Skinny Latte Macchiato so much that she threatened to steal my GENIO!  It’s a good thing its the holiday season because she might just find one of her own wrapped up under the tree!

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NESCAFE Dolce Gusto GENIO - Gourmet Coffee at Home! #GIVEAWAY #MC  @DolceGustoUS - Sponsored

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