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Five Holiday Cleaning Tips - @swiffer #steamboost #ad

The holidays are supposed to be a joyous occasion focused on gathering with friends and families.  I’m not sure about you,  but whenever I know someone is coming over I have a mini panic attack over the condition of my house.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m no slob and my house is maintained, but the fear of a dirty house and guests arriving causes some panic.  To help prevent me and you from stressing out about the holiday season, I came up with some fun and easy tips to keep your house in clean mode all season long.

My Top 5 Holiday Cleaning Tips

  1. Top 5 Holiday Cleaning Tips includes clean the floor! Siffer Bissel Steam Mop - Clean with Steam!   @swiffer #steamboost #adRemove clutter: At our house we have an entryway that is typically filled with coats, shoes, and my purse.  During this time of year we are more diligent about putting shoes and coats in our closet and I move my purse into my bedroom.  Like most homes, the entryway is the first thing someone sees when they walk into my house, and like they say first impressions are everything.
  2. Toss the trash: When cooking or baking, keep a grocery bag nearby to toss all of your scraps and trash so clean up is a breeze.  I picked this tip up from my fantastic mother-in-law!  It’s basically the idea of cleaning up as you cook so you’re not left with a huge mess.  All of your food scraps, crumbs, paper towels and more can be tossed aside without having to trek everything over to the garbage can one by one.
  3. Do your chores: It’s amazing how the things I hated the most as a kid are the things I now do every day. My husband and I have found a pattern of cleaning that works well for us – we clean up one area each night.  By breaking it down into smaller pieces, our house is always tidy and our weekends are spent doing more enjoyable things!
  4. Smell good: Maybe it’s just me, but I think a clean house should smell clean.  I enjoy using scented wax melts on warmers which gives our house a nice clean smell which helps me to feel like my house is in tip top shape.  If you are having guests over and want to avoid scented candles, room sprays, or wax melts, try warming up some apple cider and vanilla on the stove top, it smells amazing!
  5. Keep those floors clean: Our house is 99% hard surface floors. We have a tiled entry, kitchen and bathroom and engineered flooring in our living room and family room.  Having streaky floors makes any room look less than clean. My secret to maintaining clean and streak free floors is my Swiffer BISSELL® Steamboost.

 Swiffer BISSELL® Steamboost – Floor Cleaning Done Easy!

Before I was given my Swiffer Steamboost I would dread cleaning my floors.  With the sweeping and mopping, I was consumed daily with  trying to keep these surfaces clean.  I have been using my Steamboost for the last week or so and I found that I’m able to do all my floor cleaning in one step instead of three.  Talk about a great time saver especially when you get that last minute call that friends are stopping by!

The Swiffer Steamboost is really light weight and it has a swivel head which helps for cleaning all areas of the floor.  I also love that the steam cleaner can be used on multiple hard surfaces, I was worried that my engineered floor would not do well with the steam, but the moisture has not caused any problems for my floor.  The Steamboost holds 10 ounces of water which is more than enough water to clean my entire house and the water heats up in under 30 seconds.

Bissell Swiffer Steam Cleaner  - @swiffer #steamboost #ad

Just plug the Steamboost in a in a few seconds your ready to clean. The Steamboost uses special cleaning pads that come in Lavender Vanilla & Comfort and Open Window Fresh Scent. I used the Lavender Vanilla & Comfort pads and my house smells wonderful!

Swiffer Bissel Steamboost Lavender Vanilla Scented Pads - @swiffer #steamboost #ad

Take the proactive approach and get the cleaning done so your spending more time with your family and less time panicking about your house.  Happy Holiday!

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