I received a Tofurky® Roast from Turtle Island Foods to facilitate this review; all opinions are my own.

Tofurky Roast: Turkey Alternative for Vegetarians @tofurky ad

I’ve tried several Tofurky products and some I’ve loved and others just werent’ for me. So when Tofurkey asked if I’d like to try one of their  Tofurky® Roast (made with organic non-genetically engineered soybeans) I agreed immediately. That’s because for the past few year’s I’ve wanted something to enjoy on Thanksgiving and Christmas that was vegetarian but had stuffing and “turkey” like I remembered from my childhood.

Tofurky® Roast – My Experience

I wasn’t expecting much when I pulled out the plastic wrapped round roast but I prepared it according to the package directions with a sauce that included a bit of soy sauce, olive oil, and ground sage (next time I’ll double the amount their recipe calls for).  I cooked it in my new toaster oven because it was the perfect size for it and it allowed me to use my full size oven for other things.

Tofurky Roast: Turkey Alternative for Vegetarians @tofurky ad

After it finished roasting I sliced it to find a small amount of dressing inside. I do wish there was more dressing, perhaps even providing some on the side. The dressing is delicious, there’s just not enough of it.

I tried the Tofurky brand giblet gravy they provided and was disappointed. The texture was strange, the color bland and nothing like the deep brown on the package,  and it was a bit salty. It didn’t add anything the “turkey” and I thought I’d spent an hour preparing something I wasn’t going to like.

Thankfully I remembered I had some organic cranberry jelly in the cupboard and I added that to the vegetarian turkey and it was AMAZING! I will definitely be having this again soon and because I was the lone vegetarian, it was enough for four meals for me. Next time I’ll also add more vegetables and I’ll skip their gravy.

What is a Tofurky Roast Made From?

Tofurky Roast: Turkey Alternative for Vegetarians @tofurky ad

Tofurky Roasts are a tofu-wheat protein blend with a turkey-like texture and flavor. They’re filled with  a wild rice and whole wheat bread crumb stuffing. They’ve  been available since 1995 and are the #1 turkey alternative for vegetarians.

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Tofurky products can be found in the freezer section of most natural grocery stores and even mainstream stores during the holidays.