I participated in a gifts for the techie campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for RadioShack. I received a gift card to facilitate a shopping trip and promotional item as a thank you for participating.”

Three Gift Rule - Gifts for the Techie - RadioShack Tech Gifts  #RadioShack #MC

I try to follow a 3 gift rule for my kids: one thing they want, one thing they need, and one thing that does good for others. I’ve done two of the three, but I needed to purchase my youngest son one thing he needed. Picking an item was easy and I knew immediately where to shop for it.

Gifts for the Techie: Emergency Radio

My son is a Park Ranger who lives in a small state park here in Washington. It’s remote and radio and TV are hard to get on a good day, but add a storm with resulting power outage and it gets tougher. While they have a generator, they need some emergency supplies should it fail or the outage last longer than they have fuel available. It worried me that they could be cut off from information so I wanted to buy them a battery operated radio. It serves several purposes – to keep them informed in case of emergency and to keep them entertained.

I shopped at my local RadioShack store because I knew they’d have exactly what I needed. My local store happens to be in a shopping mall and it’s one of many that have gone through a recent upgrade. In fact, 21 cities have been renovated for the holidays.

Gifts for the Techie: RadioShack Updates

So what’s new? RadioShack is improving its 4300 stores (2000 have been completed with the rest before the end of 2013) with new bright white paint, interior signage, and they’ve arranged their merchandise for a better shopping experience. For me, the changes were noticeable the moment I entered the store. It’s bright, light, and designed around the customer service area which is located in the middle of the store.

I was warmly greeted by two different employees within minutes of arriving. I spent some time wandering around checking out the changes before I honed in on the emergency radio section. Once there I picked up the son’s radio and then spent some more time checking out potential stocking stuffers and other gift items. I did stuff my own stocking with a Bluetooth headset for my phone – I’m sure Santa won’t mind. I got a red one because it’s the holidays and I loved the cheery color.

One gift mom wants - Gifts for the Techie - RadioShack Tech Gifts  #RadioShack #MC

I had been handed a sales flyer when I walked in by one of those helpful staff members and was browsing through it when one stopped back by to see how I was doing. He noticed the radio in my arms and asked if I had batteries for it. I had even thought about that and I took him up on his offer to go off and retrieve the necessary size C batteries the radio needed. Now I have a complete gift!

Gifts for the Techie – RadioShack Speaker Wall

RadioShack Speaker Wall - Gifts for the Techie - RadioShack Tech Gifts  #RadioShack #MC

I wish I’d taken a moment to check out their new speaker wall but I was on a tight timeframe. Next time I’ll set aside some time to check out all the speaker options – I love that you can listen to them all in one location to pick the one that sounds best to you.

Don’t have a RadioShack nearby? You can visit their speaker wall virtually here.

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