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JW Pet Company Treat Tower Toy- Gifts for Dogs - ad

I’ll admit it. We spoil our pets. It’s our pleasure because they’re such good companions. It’s been a year since we lost our sweet Brittany to cancer, but in that time we’ve welcomed our son and his new wife’s dog, Roo. He’s a sweet dog and still a pup, so we love watching him in his puppy play. He’s all legs and goofiness and while we still miss our pup, Roo’s helped the transition.

Because Roo is a pup still he loves toys. He can often be seen  wandering around the house with one huge stuffed animal after another. He’s also a huge tennis ball fan and he’ll play fetch in the backyard for hours. He got the chance to try out a few new toys and Jewel, our elderly Pomeranian, got the pleasure of adding a new bed to her collection. She has one in nearly every room of the house and she’s always looking for another. For some odd reason she HATES the feel of the wood floors and travels from bed to bed. Yes, she’s one neurotic Pomeranian!

Petmate Chuckit! Fetch Toys

Roo enjoying his new ball - Petmate Chuckit! Fetch Games Kick Fetch  - Gifts for Dogs - ad The first toy Roo tried out was the Kick Fetch by Chuckit! which is now owned by Petmate. This toy is the perfect size for the 35 pound Roo. He loved the toy from the moment it was freed from the packaging.

There are so many ways to play with the ball  – kick it, toss it, roll it, etc. It’s a great toy year round play – indoor and outside – and Roo’s was a nice muddy mess after a few hours of playing. It washes off with soap and water or let it dry and brush it off.  It’s a tough toy but probably not for aggressive chewers.

JW Pet Company Treat Tower Toy

Gifts for Dogs - ad Dog Treat Ball - JW Pet Company Treat Tower Toy - Ad

This toy has two levels of difficulty which Roo figured out quickly. He learned to rock it hard to be rewarded with Kibble. Even Gracie, our 5 lb Maltese, who normally doesn’t give toys a second look, used this one a few times. I was in shock! We put her regular dog food kibble in it but you can also fill it with small dog treats. It fills easily (though Roo figured out he could get a few off the top right after filling) and kept him busy for about 30 minutes while he emptied it.

Depending on how energetically your pet goes after the treats, the toy can be a little noisy. It’s a hard plastic and we have faux wood floors. But it’s worth it because he loves it so much.

Petmate Fashion Dog Beds

Minky Soft Small Dog Bed - Petmate Fashion Dog Beds

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Petmate manufactures s a variety of  beds including this small dog bed which fits 11 pound Jewel perfectly! I can tell she enjoys the minky softness of the fabric – it’s pretty divine – and I love the colors and the striped pattern. Petmate beds can be found in fabrics like suede, sheepskin, terry, and chenille and most are machine washable.

Petmate doesn’t sell directly but you can visit their website to view products and  print out a”wish list” of items to take to your local pet store.

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