I received a  STL Ocarina to facilitate this review; all opinions are my own.

Lord of the Rings Hobbit inspired  12 Hold Elf Tenor Ocarina - AD

With the theatrical release of The Hobbit: The desolation of Smaug, I have from STL Ocarina, the 12 Hole “Elf” Tenor Ocarina.  This is a Lord of the Rings/Hobbit inspired Ocarina, tuned in the key of C major, and capable of performing melodies from the LOTR’s and the Hobbit movies.

Now for those wondering what an Ocarina is exactly, an Ocarina is a wind instrument that can be made into many different shapes and tuned to produce many different melodies.  The most famous of Ocarina’s at least to me is from the Legend of Zelda “Ocarina of Time”, you can catch many Zelda cosplayers and fans carrying them around, and if you ask nicely they can share a melody or two for you. Now I have listened to some people play Ocarina’s and the melodies they produce are very soothing and can be very entertaining to hear.

12 Hole Elf Tenor Ocarina: My Experience

When I first grabbed the  12 Hole “Elf” Tenor Ocarina, I was amazed at its design and shape. It is smooth and easy to handle and the Elf in the name really did it justice as the curved design and lettering gave it a very elvish feel and look.

I  tried my hand at playing a melody on the Ocarina and boy did I fail miserably. Now I am not versed in playing an instrument and was simply attempting to play something on the fly gave way to some noises that no one should be subjected to hear, LOL.

As is discerned from its name, this particular Ocarina is a 12 Hole Ocarina and like all wind instruments it uses both hands and requires all of your fingers in order to be used properly. Now I am not sure how to scale the difficulty of playing the 12 Hole “Elf” Tenor Ocarina since I have not tried using the other types that are available, but with some more practice and time I think will be able to play something I’d be glad to have my friends and family listen to. That may include some great melodies from some of my favorite movies and video games.

The 12 Hole “Elf” Tenor Ocarina is a great instrument to introduce to people wanting to learn to play music.  It  comes with a beginners guide which contains dozens of different melodies to practice and learn. The STL website also has  additional accessories that you can buy for your instrument like instructional DVD’s, method books, carrying bags, as well as others music related items, which will help you in learning to play and improve your music talent.

12 Hole Elf Tenor Ocarina in White

STL Ocarina are the makers of the 12 Hole “Elf” Tenor Ocarina, which is available in different colors as well, they also have available other Ocarinas in many different shapes (Teacarina, Necklaces) sizes, colors, and even themes (Zelda, LOTR, Animal shapes). I was amazed at the many different types of Ocarinas that are available –  different hole counts ranging from 4, 6, 8, 12 and even multi chamber ones –  which allow for varying degrees of melodies to be produced.

The 12 Hole “Elf” Tenor Ocarina makes for a beautiful gift to anyone who wants to learn to play an instrument or who’s a fan of The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings films. It’s a great collectible to have on display in your home or in the office.

The Hobbit – Misty Mountains Cold on STL Ocarina

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