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There is little that compares to the feeling you get when you see a beautiful holiday card addressed to you in your mailbox. Receiving a card means that the sender took the time to select a card, address the card, purchase stamps, and place it in the mailbox.

It’s funny, as a kid I never really understood the Hallmark commercials I saw on TV. You know the one, the first person is scanning through cards and all of a sudden a smile appears on their face, the next thing you see is the second person opening the card as a small smirk takes over their face.  Slowly the heartwarming music reaches a climax and then the commercial ends.  As an adult I have a whole new appreciation for holiday cards.  There really is a meaning behind them, your basically telling the person receiving the card that they are worth the time and effort.  When I open a card that heartwarming music is playing in the background and I truly can’t help from smiling.

Tiny Prints – Creative Cards and Holiday Stationery

For the second time in my life, I am telling the people I love that they are worth it, by sending them a holiday card.  I used Tiny Prints for my previous holiday cards so it was only natural that I use them again this year.  I have to say I am in love with their style. Some of my favorite designs came from acclaimed designer Rebecca Minkoff, she has created cards and holiday stationery exclusive to Tiny Prints. I love the creativity and break from the normal store bought cards.

Are you interested in something a little different?  Check out Tiny Prints  collection of clear cards! These cards are printed on a transparent paper and my favorite part about them, they are a matte finish!  Tiny Prints  offers so much variety in card types and style, it’s a miracle that my husband and I could agree on a card design!

Tiny Prints – Customize and Personalize Your Holiday Cards

Tiny Prints cards come is all shapes and sizes, its the flexibility and freedom of design choices that really inspires me to send out these cards. You can create custom address labels and go as far as to design the envelope.  Tiny Prints offers flexibility with the envelopes, you can customize the trim and liner by adding a photo or personal message.  It’s so simple and easy and offers a real personal touch to your holiday cards.

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Just a quick note, there are two super cool features that are new to Tiny Prints  from the last time I ordered.  They offer a Premium Design Service for customers where you get one-on-one time with a designer who’ll custom design a package of holiday cards, thank you cards, address labels, envelope liners, ipad cases, premium ornaments, or a 1o x 15 canvas with you.  How cool! The other fantastic feature is their Super Rush Plus shipping. Place your order by 1 p.m. Eastern and you’ll receive your cards the next business day. Lucky for me I planned ahead, but it’s good to know that if I was running behind, I have their help in getting my cards to me right away.

Tiny Prints – Our Experience

For me and my husband, we chose a fantastic card design that we  both adore. I was thrilled about the websites ordering options and customization features.  I can say that this time I did get to work with Tiny Prints  customer service and I want to say my experience was great.  I received great attention and all the answers to my questions in a prompt and timely manner.

When I received my cards I was so excited to see my design come to life – they did not disappoint!  I love my cards and I know my recipients will love them just as much! Tell the people in your life they are worth the time and effort.

Will you be sending holiday cards this year?