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Dogs are funny creatures and what they’ll do for food is pretty comical. ALPO® has created a series of videos that ask dogs how they feel about food, their fellow canines, owners, and more.

I think my favorite is video is of Flint, a good-looking male dog that catches the attention of the female focus group members – too fun. But I also love the Roxie video and the confession it leads to from one of the members.

ALPO Roxie

Think that’s funny? See what else our focus group has to say about our favorite blogger dogs

ALPO Wet Food

What would your dog say? I know mine would be all about snoozing and treats and my grand dog, Roo, would be all about the toys and squirrels.

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ALPO Dog Food – Choices

ALPO® makes food for dogs of all ages and types. Large, old, small, puppies, etc. A food that’s right for every stage of life and most dogs are going to love the flavor and taste they provide. Roo is a huge fan. His favorite? .

Roo does a ALPO wet food taste test - ad

Find out which flavor was Roo’s favorite here.

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