I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting;  I received a Soundfreaq Sound Spot Wireless Bluetooth Speaker to facilitate my review. #SoundSpot
Soundfreaq Sound Spot - gifts for techies  #MC Sponsored

Bluetooth speakers are available in all shapes and sizes, but until now they weren’t very stylish. Generally they’ve been offered in “tech” colors – black or white – with very little thought about how they would work into a home’s décor.
Soundfreaq Sound Spot Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - gifts for techies - Color Choices #MC Sponsored

But that’s changed with the new Soundfreaq Sound Spot Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. This tiny little speaker is available in a plethora of color combinations so instead of hiding it away, show it off! Choose a color that pops or something soothing – whatever works for you.

My favorite is the white with faux would print – very mid-century retro! But don’t worry, if black on black is your thing, they have that too.

Bluetooth Wireless Speakers – Big Stuff

But just because the Soundfreaq Sound Spot Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is small, don’t assume the sound it puts out is as well. In fact, it’s completely the opposite! It puts out a full sound for up to seven hours on its built-in lithium rechargeable battery.

This wireless speaker is constructed with a line-in port for headphones, but even cooler, it includes a line-out connection so you can daisy chain multiple Sound Spots when you need more sound. Plus it allows you to charge any USB-powered device as well (while plugged in or running on battery).

Sounfreaq Sound Spot - #MC Sponsored

Bluetooth Wireless Speakers – Control it

Once paired with your smartphone, you’ll be able to control the Sound Spot via the phone, but there are also onboard controls. Simply tap them to turn your music up/down, skip and more. Pairing is easy and can be done with any Bluetooth enabled device. I did find that I do have to reconnect if I stray too far from the speaker, but that can be avoided by leaving the phone in the room.

Sounfreaq Sound Spot Bluetooth Speaker - #MC Sponsored

Bluetooth Wireless Speakers – Pack ‘em

What makes the Soundfreaq Sound Spot Wireless Bluetooth Speaker so great is that it’s so small, portable, and charges quickly. That makes it fabulous for on the road, picnics, in the backyard, and other places you want music.

Bluetooth Wireless Speakers – Gifts for Techies

The Soundfreaq Sound Spot Wireless Bluetooth Speaker makes a great Christmas gift!  It’s one of our favorite gifts for techies, but anyone who loves a quality speaker will enjoy it tooThis fun little speaker retails for $69 and can be found at most electronic stores and online. Visit their website for a location near you.