World Vision provided a sample to facilitate this review; all opinions are my own and a donation will be made to thank them for their kindness.

Order by December 16th to have a card sent to your recipient (or download & make your own!)

Order by December 16th to have a card sent to your recipient (or download & make your own!)

Every year I try to follow the 3-gift rule when it comes to my kids: something they want, something they need, and something that benefits others. Last year I bought my youngest son a gift of a goat donated in his honor that gave fresh milk and a source of income to a family in a third world country. My daughter-in-law received a hand-painted rock by a child who was saved from trafficking. They’re gifts that do more than just sit and look pretty, they save lives.

World Vision Gift Catalog – The Gift of Goodness

I hope that you’ll consider adding the gift of goodness to your holiday shopping list and World Vision Gift Catalog makes it so easy to do just that. Proceeds from the sale of items in the catalog directly help children and families in need. There are more than 250 items available and every one of them helps to fight poverty both here in the US and worldwide.

World Vision Gift Catalog – How It Works

Gifts that Give

World Vision provided me with a Prosperity” Cinnamon Box so that I could share it with you. Created in Vietnam ,which is renowned for its sweet cinnamon, this renewable resource is collected by skilled artisans from the Cassia tree. The the box the treasured spice arrives in is a work of art. Carved from cinnamon bark, the Asian character that adorns it is the symbol of prosperity. This would be an amazing gift for your favorite foodie (in my family that’s my eldest son – he’s traveled the world and will appreciate where it came from and how it was made).

World Vision Catalog - Gifts that Save - Prosperity” Cinnamon Box  Ad

This is just one of the many gifts available or you can make a financial contribution and select one of the 30+ handcrafted gifts that can be shared with a loved one and at the same time help a person in need. You can also purchase a much needed animal, part of a water system that provides clean water to a whole village, or a myriad of other fabulous programs and initiatives to help those less fortunate. Want an even bigger commitment to the health and welfare of someone in need? Sponsor a child for $35 a month.

Do Good and Share the Joy

Doing good and sharing that joy with others is what truly makes this time of year special for me. I hope you’ll consider joining me in supporting others by shopping from the World Vision Gift Catalog.

Find out more about World Vision USA by visiting their Facebook page and Twitter at @WorldVisionNews or @WorldVisionUSA.