We were provided a Sleep Number bed to facilitate this review; all opinions are our own.
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Update 8/5/15 – we’ve been sleeping on this bed since December 2013 and we both agree, it’s the only bed we’ll ever own from now on. His Sleep Number setting is 80, mine is 55 – that shows you why no standard mattress was ever comfortable for both of us! It still looks and feels brand new and we couldn’t be happier with its durability and comfort!

We’ve been sleeping on our new m7 Sleep Number bed for about a month now so I wanted to follow-up and let you know how it’s going (read about our bed shopping trip the Sleep Number way  here). First, the delivery couldn’t have gone smoother. The company emailed to confirm the date, called before arriving, and then arrived on time and with everything they needed to complete the project. Their staff were polite, quick, and efficient.

My husband oversaw the delivery and installation and I was relegated to the basement on dog control. He later reported that I missed out on a symphony of movement that was just incredible. The delivery staff brought in the boxes, put together the base, inflated the mattress, walked my husband through the maintenance and requirements for moving the bed (in our case for adding the legs when they arrived later since I forgot to order them with the bed), and more. Our remote control was already preprogrammed with our names and they shared with my husband how to work them.

The whole process took about 20 minutes and then they were gone and in their place was a beautiful new bed. Granted, for the first two weeks the bed was on the ground which was a bit too low for me, but even so, it was comfy from the first night. When the legs arrived it was even better.

My one TINY complaint is that the rubber pads that came with the legs were insanely hard to peel the backing paper off and we ruined one. An extra pad would have been helpful. Still, we easily installed the legs and got the bed back up and running thanks to the help the installers provided during delivery. (Sleep Number offered to replace the pad we ruined, but we found that it wasn’t necessary as the bed is held fast in place even without the pad.)

Is the Sleep Number m7 Bed Worth the Price?

Sleep Number beds are not inexpensive. But when you factor in that they’re made in the USA, made to order, and have  a fabulous warranty ( see the Sleep Number site for full details),  they really are affordable. Plus nearly every part of the bed can be replaced so I feel confident in the build and durability of it.

Are m7 Sleep Number Beds Comfortable?

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For us the Sleep Number M7 Bed is the perfect combination of memory foam and air,  but be aware that not all Sleep Number mattresses are the same, and one that fits us may not be right for you. A prospective buyer really needs to go through the purchasing process at the store to feel the difference so that you’re happy with the model you choose. The few people I’ve spoken to who’ve been unhappy with their mattress has confided that they bought based solely on price, and not comfort, and they’ve gone on to regret it. We did the same ourself on our last mattress purchase which lasted less than a year. It was an expensive lesson to learn.

Beyond the memory foam, the adjustable firmness option makes it a keeper for us as well. I work from bed quite often and when I do I like it firm so I adjust my side to 80. At night I put it back to my sleep number which is 45. Since we have a dual-adjustable king size bed, my husband’s side remains the same while I continue to adjust mine. I love that I can make a change in just a few minutes to fit my current comfort needs. We keep the wireless remote in the windowsill above our bed so that it’s always available should someone have a late night desire to change their side of the bed.

Our Final Thoughts on the m7 Sleep Number Bed

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Neither of us has any complaints at all against the bed other than we should have brought one into our lives earlier. We’ve been suffering in bed for years – first with a worn out mattress and later with a new mattress that broke down in the first year. After all the troubles we’ve had it’s a blessing to just get in bed, be comfortable, and sleep well.

I’ll be sharing more about some of the accessories we purchased in a future post and some ideas for holiday gifts for family and friends that own Sleep Number Beds.

Have you considered a Sleep Number Bed?