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AT&T loaned me a HTC ONE smartphone to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

Here I have another of AT&T’s LTE capable smartphones, the HTC ONE.  With its unique slick metal case design 4.7in screen in 1080p, the HTC ONE is a great phone offering reliable features. It comes with a camera app that allows for some incredible shots which I really enjoyed using.

Let’s start out with the basics. As I mentioned, the HTC ONE has a 4.7in screen that runs at 1080p giving me crystal clear images no matter what I’m doing. It’s built with 32 GB of memory and a quad-core processor to boot, which allowed me to install and run as many apps as I wanted without seeing any performance reduction while I was using the phone.

HTC ONE Design

The HTC ONE‘s design is the first thing I noticed, a full metal chrome-like case makes the phone look very sleek and sexy; however, I learned very quickly that having a metal case can be a bit of a hassle because in these cold winter months. Holding your phone while out in low temperatures makes the casing super cold, so I found myself switching hands over and over while using the phone.

Also having a full case means that the phone has no expansion slot for extra memory, and the phone’s battery can’t be changed out in case something happens. Although with 32 GB of memory already in there you will need a lot of music, apps, videos, and pictures to fill this baby up. So to put all those files to use the HTC ONE comes with dual front speakers for some awesome music playback and movie watching.

The one truly bothersome thing I had with the phones casing were the buttons. In order to give it a streamline design, both the volume and the power buttons are extremely thin and small, meaning you can barely feel the difference between the case and the buttons. Additionally, the power button was placed on the top of the phone instead of the side, I guess this is different to what I am use to (all buttons on the sides) maybe that’s why it is a little annoying to me.

But as the final word regarding the exterior of the HTC ONE it is that it’s very well done. The phone doesn’t just talk the talk, it walks the walk. The metal case looks and is sturdy, the dual speakers provide great sound and dropping the phone a few times didn’t cause any scratches, dents or cracks anywhere.  The HTC ONE is built to last.

The OS on the HTC ONE, which is one of the Jelly Bean variants on most Android phones, is not bad. Not awesome, but not bad. It has a lot of built-in utility apps that are standard on most smart phones these days.

HTC One User Interface

The UI is very simple grid sorting, with only 1 shortcut page for quick access to apps and the rest thrown in the app group where sorting becomes pointless the more apps I downloaded.

The home screen is something that really makes the HTC One shine, containing what is known as BLINKFEED, which feeds your phone updates from whatever social network you have synced with it, this is both good and bad for me since I had so many feeds coming through that I was never able to really see what was happening.  Oddly enough I had moments where for some reason the phone wouldn’t update at all, so the feature has its flaws.

The notification screen is very handy as well giving me system updates as they come in. For example the phone let me know when my next alarm was set to go off, told me about the nearest bus times and routes on how to get to work, and traffic updates. It was actually quite the pleasant surprise to have all that information so handy.

 HTC One Camera

HTC ONE Camera App - AT&T Ad

Now the HTC ONE’s Ultra Pixel camera and the companion camera app is what really gives the HTC ONE an extra life.  The camera allows for some HD shots to be taken and provide a crisp and clear result with its 4mp camera.  The HTC ONE’s pre-loaded camera app has over a dozen different modes that you can use, from the standard black and white, negative, low intensity, to motion capture, to even a pixalated mode which can make for some really weird pictures, like you are encrypting pictures lol. Very fun to use to create unique backgrounds.

With the HTC One taking pictures in the town of Leavenworth and in the Bellevue parade was super easy – just point, click, record, and go for another one. That allowed for some incredible moments to be captured.

HTC One Camera At&t Ad

HTC One Final Thoughts

The HTC ONE is a great phone showcasing some good features and good reliability.  With the holiday shopping season approaching if you are looking for a particular phone to upgrade to or gift to a friend or family, you might want to take a look at the HTC One. It may not be as fancy and flashy as some of the other brands phones now available, but it’s got gusto and spunk and can keep up with the best of them.

You can find the HTC ONE in most if not all major phone retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, and it is available from the website now.

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