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If you look at my family there is one trend that stands out amongst them all – military service. My family may not be full of well-known people, but I take great pride in knowing that the men and women of my family have helped serve and protect our nation for several generations. This family tradition is a rich one and with the holidays quickly approaching, it’s something that weighs heavily on my mind.

Two years ago, my family celebrated our last holiday season as a whole. Shortly after we celebrated the New Year, my brother packed up his belongings and headed to basic training in South Carolina. At that time we had no idea where he would be stationed and we tried to imagine how life would go on normally without him being around. It was a terrifying thought that he could be gone for a months or years and it makes me really appreciate the time we have together.

For me, the thing I miss most about my brother serving, is having time together. When I close my eyes and picture my brother I see a little boy who loves playing Nintendo; when I open them I see a grown man in camouflage. So much happens and changes while he’s away and I only get a few days of face-to-face time with him when he visits to catch up. I miss him terribly.

I am looking forward to this holiday season because for the first time in over a year I will get to see my brother. This holiday season Santa fulfilled my wish of having my family together. I plan to cherish every moment.

Over the next few weeks as families are gathering together to celebrate the holidays by sitting down for a family meal or exchanging gifts, many will be without a loved one. For those of us with loved ones in the military the holiday season may not be as joyous of an occasion. Research has shown that over half of the nation’s active duty military members are parents and even though a military service is a multi-year commitment, the holidays can be an emotionally exhausting time for families with loved ones abroad.

Walmart Operation Homefront Holiday Salute to Military Families

To help ease the burden on military families, Walmart Operation Homefront and Fisher House have partnered up to bring attention to the unsung heroes of our nation. This ‘Holiday Salute to Military Families’ focuses on honoring and supporting our veterans, service members, and of course our military families who have a loved one abroad.

The “Holiday Salute to Military Families” hopes to ease these burdens on these families by pledging $2 million in grants for toys, meals and lodging assistance to those military families with the greatest need of support this year. The donation will also help hundreds of active duty service members come home for the holidays to be reunited with their loved ones.

Walmart and Fisher House have made this pledge to help military families in need of assistance and they are calling for a nationwide salute by all Americans. To learn how you can help salute military families this holiday season, visit and Operation Homefront.

This is a great way to help give back to those who offer their service for the protection of our nation. Will you help a military family this year?

Join in our Holiday Salute to Military Families