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Thanksgiving For One - Intel AIO PC all-in-one computer Ad

My husband and children work in the public service sector so they often work holidays. When they do, I usually skip Thanksgiving all together and spend the day going to a movie. It’s something I started doing years ago when the kids were young and I worked full-time plus had a second weekend job as well. Back then if my husband was off on the holiday, he’d take the boys to his parents, and I’d get a day off to myself. Now that I work alone it’s not such a necessity, but it’s a habit I’m finding hard to give up.

It wasn’t always that way. As a child we’d pile into the station wagon and make the trip to our grandmother’s house every holiday. There we’d be joined by our relatives, so many in attendance that three large sheets of plywood were placed over the pool table and then covered with cloth. Cousins, aunts, uncles, and more all crowded around sharing jabs and fighting around a table laden with food.

Celebrating Thanksgiving Alone By Choice

Thanksgiving is Thursday and I still haven’t decided how I’ll celebrate this year. My husband and children are all off this year but that doesn’t mean we’ll be able to celebrate together. My husband and oldest son will be with my in-laws, my youngest son with his new wife’s family’s, and my mother has plans with friends. I’m not sure what I’ll do. Of course my in-laws would love to have me attend and I adore them, but my husband is one of nine children. Add spouses, kids, grand kids, and now great grandkids, and the numbers are crazy and so is the noise and commotion. I may stick with my tradition and see a movie or  just stay home and get a jump on Christmas.

I’m in the middle of a BBC TV marathon that would certainly keep me entertained while I bake – I can do that with my Intel AIO PC all-in-one computer. I could also work on my tea party menu. The party is scheduled for the 8th and I need to do some research and come up with some trivia questions and other activities for us to do during the party. I’ve also been thinking of creating placecards and other media for the table. I also need to search for some recipes that can be served that will fit the period of the party and get some ideas on what I should wear.  All of this is made easier with my touch screen computer.

CyberLink MediaStory

Cyberlink MediaStory - Intel AIO PC all-in-one computer ad

I’ve also just downloaded a new software called Media Story that I’m dying to try. It’s touch-optimized so it’s perfect for my Intel AIO PC all-in-one computer and it’s supposed to let me turn my videos and photos into video stories that I can share on YouTube and Facebook. I can’t wait to finish installing it to see what it’s all about.

I love that I have choices and that my family allows me to celebrate the holiday my way. I also appreciate that I have the technology to keep me company and help me plan for an upcoming event.

How will you spend your Thanksgiving? Am I the only one that spends it alone by choice? Am I crazy?

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