I received a roolen Breath to facilitate this review; all opinions are my own.

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Living in Seattle, my experience with a humidifier has been limited to the few times when the kids where young and ill with a cold or flu. We’d pull ours out from under the bathroom sink and fill it with water and place it in the ill child’s room for the duration of his cold. The warm, moist air was supposed to help open up his breathing passages and make him more comfortable.

What was really happening is that moisture plus warmth equals mold. Yuck. But thankfully times have changed and now you can add moisture into your environment without the fear of breeding mold. That’s because there’s a new “SMART” humidifier available that provides cool moisture and it does it from a really modern looking little vessel.

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roolen Breath: Modes

The roolen Breath is a great looking, compact misting appliance that is extremely intelligent and easy to use. It takes the guess-work out of everything with its “auto” mode. In the auto mode it senses the humidity in your home and only releases moisture once the room falls below 40% humidity. As soon as it senses that it’s risen to 55 % again, it puts itself into sleep mode. So far the roolen Breath has turned itself on when the humidity was low enough (it’s only happened twice in the last month – I confirmed it with our smart thermostat which also tracks our humidity) so the auto feature seems to be working perfectly for me.

There are also two manual settings. Choose “high” and it will double its output for 12 hours. Choose low and it will run for 24 hours. In fact, I’ve run it on high for several days in a row to test out how it impacts our room. I was worried about moisture building up on the wall nearest it. That didn’t happen. Granted our home still has its 1970’s single pain windows, if your home is airtight you may not have the same results.

roolen Breath: Design

roolen Breath - adThe design of the roolen is simple by design. There’s only one switch, a toggle, to move through the three options (auto, low, high) and a light on the front to tell you what mode it’s in an if the tank needs to be refilled. That’s it! The unit itself stays cool as does the mist rising from it. It’s weighted well so it won’t tip over.

The roolen Breath’s tank is inside its dome and it holds about ¾ of a gallon of water. Filling the tank is easy and takes just a moment. Only use distilled or filtered water and change the water weekly when it’s on auto.

roolen Breath: My Experience

I’m loving the roolen Breath. I keep it next to my bed on auto and have added a reminder to my calendar to change the water weekly. For those in drier climates you’ll likely have to add water before the week is up and there’s a handy yellow light that lets you know it’s time. It also goes into sleep mode until you add water.

I have learned that when filling the Breath it’s a good time to rinse out the condensation tray and I’ve learned to carry the full tank and base up to my room and then put them together instead of putting them together in the kitchen and carrying the machine up. I’ve spilled water when trying to do it that way – you have to keep it perfectly upright when moving it.
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I’m impressed with the design and function of the roolen Breath and recommend it for anyone who suffers from dry air, especially in the winter. My only complaint about the roolen Breath is that nothing can be mixed into the water. I would love to be able to add essential oils for a more natural room freshener. Perhaps future versions will allow this or something similar.

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roolen Breath: Buy It

The Roolen BR01/B Breath Humidifier is available in  Black and white. It can be purchased online for about $129. Visit the roolen website for more information.