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Our new daughter in law

This is my first Christmas as a mother-in-law so I want to be sure I get it right. I know my daughter-in-law will love me even if I don’t, but hey, who doesn’t want to earn brownie points? But I won’t be malling it this year, that’s not my style. I stopped shopping in person years ago.

Holiday Shopping: Online

I switched to online shopping because of the convenience and selection and this year is no different. But what is different is I’ll be doing it with a MasterCard Digital Wallet. That means I can shop safely and worry about my choices, not who I’m giving my credit card number to.

  #MasterPass #MC  Masterpass by MasterCard

Holiday Shopping: Convenience & Safety

But what is MasterPass by MasterCard®? It’s a safe and convenient way to store your card number, shipping address in a free digital wallet so you shop, click, and checkout in minutes. Still not sure? Check out this video that explains how a digital wallet works.

Signing up for the MasterPass by MasterCard® was easy. I followed the online instructions, had my MasterCard handy for the necessary information, and I was rewarded with a welcome email within minutes. Then I took a few minutes to make myself a cup of hot chocolate, lit the fire, put on a holiday CD and set my browser to MasterCard MasterPass portal which shows me which online stores are equipped for their digital wallet check out.
Masterpass by MasterCard Participating Stores    #MasterPass #MC

Sound like heaven? It was! No pushing, no shoving, no whining (on my part). I found several stores that looked interesting but I went straight to the J Crew store where I found a huge list of holiday gift recommendations where I fell in love with several things for my son’s wife. Things I’m sure she’ll love and since she reads my blog….La, stop reading now!

I picked out a beautiful waffle-stitch infinity scarf and women’s smartphone wool gloves.  There were a few others things I have my eye one like the pearl twisted hammock bracelet and pearl cluster necklace that may be making an appearance in a stocking from Santa.

  #MasterPass #MC  Paying with MasterPass by MasterCard

Holiday Shopping: Easy

I loved that all I had to do was fill my shopping cart, select the MasterPass by MasterCard® option at checkout, and my information was transmitted securely and I’ll be getting some amazing winter gear and holiday gifts for my daughter-in-law. My shopping trip took minutes out of my day instead of hours so I have time to work on some desserts I’m trying out for Thanksgiving. No spending hours trolling the mall parking lot looking for a space or dealing with tired and grumpy people. I doubt I’ll ever go back to shopping in person – shopping online is just too easy!

Who are you shopping for for the first time this year and have you tried a digital wallet?