SEARCHING FOR SOMEDAY comes out on November 26th and continues the “Marriage to a Billionaire” books in a fresh new way – the love spell that factored prominently into the first series reemerges here, as do some characters. This post was written by the author, Jennifer Probst.

Searching for Somedeay by Jennifer Probst

The Opposites Attract Theory…By Jennifer Probst

My characters have always been the crux of every book I write. Plot and setting come second in my eyes, because you don’t have to do much if you have characters that people are fierce about. Reality in contemporary romance is conflict enough – I don’t think you need murder, vampires, zombies or the apocalypse when you have two people in the real world fighting to make a relationship work, or struggling to overcome their own fears to open to love.

That’s deep stuff.

One of my favorite ways to entertain readers – and myself – is to create the opposites attract couple. The more so, the better, because it’s much more fun.

Take my new release, Searching for Someday. Kate is the owner of Kinnections, a matchmaking agency owned with her two best friends. She has a magical touch which senses a couple’s connection, but she hasn’t been able to find it for herself. She believes in love, makes a career out of it, and even has a gene passed on from generations that prove soul mates do exist.

Enter her opposite.

Slade Montgomery is a divorce lawyer. He’s also been divorced. He deals every day with clients ravaged from love, fighting over children, money, and so far beyond any type of tender feelings he doesn’t believe in them any longer. His own parents were divorced, and he’s watched his sister have an emotional breakdown from her own past relationships. He believes in oxytocin, not love.

What happens if Kate experiences the touch with a man destined to be the wrong one?

Now, this is the type of story I like! Let the torture begin…

Pitting deep beliefs against each other is key. Each character must overcome not only their own limitations, but the other’s. That’s a hell of a lot to ask for, and getting to the end is a twisty, sexy, yummy way to pass a few hours.

My husband and I started as opposites. He’s military, ruthlessly organized, left wing, conservative and a meat eater.

I was artsy, free flowy, vegetarian, chaotic, impulsive, right wing, and completely different.

Together, we were perfect.

We softened each other, balanced, compromised, and had a hell of fun ride getting there.

Give me a romance with those type of elements and I’m in.

Here’s a taste of Kate and Slade and their sizzling banter…enjoy!

SEARCHING FOR SOMEDAY comes out on November 26th and continues the “Marriage to a Billionaire” books by Jennifer Probsst“Don’t kiss me anymore and you won’t have any problems.”

“That is a problem.”


He dropped his voice. “Because I like kissing you.”

She jerked. “Trust me; I’m the complete opposite of what you need.”

 “How do you know what I need?”

His flirty tone seemed to piss her off. Sparks shot from ocean blue eyes and reminded him of a tsunami of temper.

“Because I interviewed you, remember? The only reason you’re suddenly interested in me is some perverse masculine challenge to win me over because I don’t like you.”

Damn, this was more fun than his last court battle.

“Why wouldn’t you like me? I’m charming, successful, intelligent, and a great lover. Wanna test me out?”

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