Energizer Bunny Birthday Cake

Ok, I feel old. I just found out that I’m older than the Energizer Bunny! Really?!? It’s only been 25 years since the unstoppable pink bunny drummed his way into our homes via commercials. I remember well and thought I was a youngster when he made his debut. But it turns out that like a lot of other pop culture icons, it’s because it becomes such an integral part of our lives, that its feels like they’ve always been here.

Through magazines, packaging, and ads, the Energizer Bunny has come to symbolize the never-ending energy and a can-do attitude.  Even 25 years later, the Energizer Bunny is not only still going strong, he’s expanded his personal mantra to that’s positivenergy™.  It’s a commitment to creating products with users in mind and participating in programs that have a positive influence on the earth.

So to celebrate EB’s birthday, he’s giving away a gift pack to you! In stores now, you can collect Bunny Bucks on specially marked Energizer Battery packages and turn those into cash via check or PayPal. The more batteries you buy (think stocking stuffers and batteries to power all those Christmas toys!) the more Bunny Bucks you earn!

You can also win an Energizer Bunny Birthday Sweepstakes on their Facebook page and pick up some fun party favor coupons!

Check out www.energizer.com and www.facebook.com/energizerbunny for all Energizer Bunny’s birthday happenings and ways you can participate and win or earn!