I received a Snapfon Two to facilitate this review; all opinions are my own.

UPDATE 2/19/15 – while this particular model isn’t available, there is a new model of this simple phone that’s sans  the technology found on smartphones. It’s the perfect cellphone  for the people who need a phone just for emergencies and want a super easy to use interface see: Snapfon ezTWO3G Senior Cell Phone, SIMPLE and Easy to Use, SOS Button, Hearing Aid Compatible, UNLOCKED GSM

Snapfon Two Cellphone

Sometimes simple is better. While I use a smart phone myself, my husband is one who wants a phone that just makes calls. No texting, no Internet, etc. Plus as he’s gotten older his vision isn’t as good as it used to be and he’s had to admit that he needs to wear reading glasses. But true to most people who wear them, he can never seem to find his.

Thankfully there is a phone that’s perfect for people like him. It’s coined a “senior” phone but it would certainly be perfect for any tween or younger who you’d like to have a phone for emergencies, but not one that gives them more screen time.

Snapfon Plans or Unlocked Phones

Snapfon Two Cellphone

The Snapfōn® ezTWO Quad-Band GSM World Phone (850/900/1800/1900Mhz) is available in two ways. As part of a cell phone plan and as an unlocked version you can use on your existing service. The unlocked version is a very reasonable $79.99 for use with any 2G GSM service of your choice. Or you can purchase a basic plan and pay $29.99 for the phone or choose the premium service plan and the phone is complimentary. Their contract-free plans start at $14.99 a month and go up to $54.95 for premium/monitored service. The Snapfōn® cell phone plans have no additional taxes or monthly fees, and include their  ezProtection Handset Replacement Program. The Premium plans includes a one button connect to Snapfon’s 24/7 Mobile Monitoring Service.

Snapfōn® ezTWO Cell Phone

Snapfon Two Cellphone

The Snapfōn® ezTWO cell phone is compact and has some great features. Like a color screen, big buttons with a large font, extra long battery life, speaking keypad, enhanced volume that works with hearing aids, speaker phone, low battery warning, 8 speed dial keys, simplified menus, and 4-alarm modes. But what makes this phone special is the SOS Emergency Alert. The large red button on the back of the phone can be preprogrammed so that when it’s held down for 3-5 seconds, it sends a voice or text message to up to 5 numbers. It can also send a loud 10 db siren to alert people nearby (you can switch off the siren in the menu if it doesn’t fit your needs) and the phone automatically switches to speaker phone mode for emergency calls.

Cell Phone for Kids and Seniors

Sometimes easy is better, especially when it comes to safety.  A long-life battery and ease-of-use means everything.  Do you have a senior or youngster who could benefit from such a smart and easy cellphone?