I received EO Hand Soap to facilitate this review; all opinions are my own.

Everyone Natural and Organic Handsoap Available at Whole Foods and Online - ad

I’ve fallen in love with EO Products. I tried out their organic hand sanitizers a few weeks ago and ended up having to buy more because everyone I showed them to loved it so much they walked off with the bottle. Now I’m trying the EO 3-in-1 Soap and it’s equally fabulous.

Why are EO Products So Great?

That’s easy. They’re full of great ingredients and missing all the nasty ones. They contain no harsh chemicals, artificial colors or scents, parabens, disodium EDTA, sodium lauryl, phthalates, petrochemicals, chemical preservatives, silicone, propopylene glycol, detergent, mineral oil, triclosan, EDTA, or aluminum, sulfate. They’re scented with essential oils and they’re plant based made with pure and organic ingredients. They’re Gluten-free and non-GMO verified, plus they’re never, ever tested on animals.

EO Hand Soap: Fragrances

Everyone Hand Soap 3-in-1 available at Whole Foods and Online

The EO Hand Soap 3-in-1 product is available 6 different fragrances. Lavender & Coconut, Lime & Coconut, Apricot & Vanilla, Meyer Lemon & Mandarin, Ylang Ylang & Cedarwood, and Spearmint & Lemongrass. I received the Lavender & Coconut and Lime & Strawberry Coconut. Both have a fresh, clean scent that lingers after rinsing in a pleasant way. The soap cleans well, though I’ve not used it as a shampoo, or body wash, I use it as hand soap out of a personal preference.

Do EO Products Cost More?

No! The 12.75 size bottle of the EO 3-in-1 soap (hair, body & hands) is $4.99 on their website and from Whole Foods. It’s perfect for bath, shower, or a shampoo. It’s gentle, can be used by the whole family, and smells amazing. But I’d recommend the EO Hand Soap in  32oz bottles for $9.99 (not all fragrances are available in the larger size) – it’s a better deal per oz and it’s better for the environment to have one large bottle instead of several smaller ones (though the small ones are great for travel and stocking stuffers!).

Everyone Natural and Organic Handsoap Available at Whole Foods and Online - ad

For more information, please visit the website at www.eoproducts.com, or call 800.570.3775, and for added inspiration on the EO way of life, visit www.lovelifewitheo.com.