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My Holiday Creation Station

I’ve been living my new Intel AIO PC All-in-One computer for a few weeks now. I say living because it’s more than just a computer stuck on a desk in the basement office. This one lives in my kitchen, the hub of my home, like many of yours.

Yes, it is wireless and it’s completely portable so I can move it and use it on battery for hours anywhere in the house, but most days it gets actively used right there on the kitchen island. I use it for cooking, crafting, listening to music, catching up on movies and TV, and so much more. The hubby uses it to track the weather and read about wildland fires all across the world. Plus he catches up on the news and lately on the Seahawks.

HP ENVY ROVE/Intel AIO PC: My Christmas Creation Station - Crafting

I’ll admit it’s a luxury to have a computer in the kitchen. Having a dedicated PC instead of making do with a notebook, tablet, or smartphone; but I get so much more done knowing that it’s there. My camera and photo booth are next to it and blogging now is easier than ever. You’ve probably noticed more crafts and food recipes are making it to the pages of my blog thanks to the ease of having every piece of technology I need right at my fingertips.

But what I’ve also found is that my creativity has soared as I can search out information the moment the question pops into my head and I’m more likely to spend time in the kitchen now because there’s so much going on.

HP ENVY ROVE/Intel AIO PC: Creating Christmas

I’m using my new HP ENVY Rove 20-K014us Mobile All-in-One PC to help me purchase and track my charitable donations. I use it to save hat patterns, yarn colors I’ve used, and sizing information all in one location so making hats for the homeless and blankets for children in hospitals is easier than ever. Donation addresses are at hand, as is shipping software, so I can print a label and send them on their way in seconds (read more here).

HP ENVY ROVE/Intel AIO PC: My Christmas Creation Station - Charity  Ad
I use the HP ENVY/Intel AIO PC to bring the pages of Pinterest to life in my kitchen – recipes, crafts, and more are available to me with a touchscreen that I can enlarge so I can read it from across the room. Plus as I do my own recipes I can pull up my blog and make changes as I’m making them at the stove; that means more accurate and timely recipes for you.

HP ENVY ROVE/Intel AIO PC: My Christmas Creation Station - Cooking

Christmas Craft, Cooking, and Creation Made Simple!

But I’ve also created Christmas gifts with my HP ENVY Rove 20-K014us Mobile All-in-One PC. We don’t do a lot for Halloween now that the kids have grown and Thanksgiving is always spent at my mother’s or mother-in-law’s home, so we generally skip right on to Christmas. In fact, I’ve already created several personalized gifts for family members with photos from my son’s recent wedding and others.

HP ENVY ROVE/Intel AIO PC: My Christmas Creation Station - Making Gifts

You might say my new HP ENVY/Intel AIO PC is my Holiday Creation Station – it’s helping me cook, craft, and create gifts while I stream my favorite holiday music and movies. I’m curious, how would you use an Intel AIO PC All-in-One computer in your family?

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