What do you do with Christmas Peeps if you’re a vegetarian? Craft with them! They come in a lot of fun shapes and colors that lends themselves to all kinds of holiday gift giving and crafting ideas. I love the gingerbread men and red-nosed reindeer, so those are the Peep that I chose to use. Here’s my red, white & Gingerbread Peeps holiday wreath.

Gingerbread Peeps Holiday Wreath


  1. Separate your choice of  Holiday Marshmallow Peeps with a sharp knife. Run the knife under hot water and dry if it starts to get sticky.
  2. Stick a lollipop stick into the back of each Peep about center back.
  3. Spray the Peeps with the fixative spray in a well-ventilated area. Spray at least 3 coats allowing the Peeps to dry upright overnight between applications if the Peeps are very fresh. Alternatively, leave Peeps out to dry for several days before spraying and then only a few hours between spraying will work. Be sure the Peeps are not touching while drying.
  4. Fluff the branches of the wreath
  5. Make the ribbon (need help? This is a great make-your-own ribbon video tutorial)
  6. Remove the lollipop sticks carefully from the back of the Peeps
  7. Add the decorative elements to the wreath by wiring them in place or using hot glue. Arrange in a way that pleases you. Remember it will be hanging, so place items so they look best when hung, and not flat on the table.
  8. Hang out of the reach of little ones and enjoy!

 Red, White & Gingerbread Peeps Holiday Wreath Photos

What would you make with Christmas Peeps?

UPDATE – Simple Change adds WOW!

White LED Lights - inexpensive fairy lights make this wreath come alive!

White LED Lights – inexpensive fairy lights make this wreath come alive!

I added a simple $7 strand of lights and what a difference it made! First, because these are not the usual plastic corded lights that weigh a delicate wreath like this down. The lights that I chose, RTGS Micro LED 20 Cold White Color Lights Battery Operated on 7ft Long Silver Color Ultra Thin String Wire, weigh just ounces, run on three AA-batteries, and they look phenomenal! The brightness of these fairy lights are amazing, but the silver wire instead of plastic cords is what really makes them stand out.

I’ve had the wreath lights on for four days, 24/7, and though the lights have dimmed, they’re still burning beautifully on the same set of batteries. I can’t tell you how impressed I am by these battery operated fairy lights (they’re not twinkling lights – they have a simple on/off switch and don’t blink), but the way that they’re formed make them look like little stars.  The battery box is hidden easily inside the wreath and I can remove them easily to change the batteries or move the lights to a new location.

I bought 4 sets – 3 battery operated in blue, green, and white and one plug-in style (with 100 lights for our 4′ 1960’s aluminum Christmas tree) and every set has been impressive. I’ll never go back to ugly plastic cords and big light bulbs again!