I received a PlayMG Wi-Fi Android Device for Kids to facilitate this review; all opinions are my own.

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There’s always that question – when should a child get his/her first gaming device or smartphone. It’s not an easy answer and every child is different, but I believe their first device should be a PlayMG. Substitute it as soon as they start playing on your smartphone.

Why a PlayMG?

A PlayMG is an android handheld gaming device that allows your child to access the internet via Wi-Fi to surf the web and download apps and games that you’ve given them permission to access. It has one of the best adult/child interfaces available and it lets you access all the free educational content available for the Droid system (that’s over 60K apps and games). Plus kids can access eBooks, audio books, movies, including Netflix and YouTube.

The system is made for youngsters. It’s well balanced, lightweight, fits well in their hands, it’s equipped with Gorilla Glass (though a case is always recommended).
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The Benefits of PlayMG

The benefit of the PlayMG is the price. The 8GB system is $159. For 24GB’s of memory the price is $149.99 (a limited time offer – normally $179), and the 40GB is $169.99 (limited time offer – regularly $199.99). All of the games come with an AC plug, but the 40GB also comes with a case.

There are no game cartridges or other accessories necessary. There are some chargers and cases available, but otherwise it’s everything you need.

SpendSmart System Integration

SpendSmart is a reloadable/prepaid MasterCard debit card where kids can earn money toward paid apps – say as their allowance for finishing chores – it helps them learn about the value of money, how to save and budget for what they really want, and how to manage their funds. All skills they’ll need as adults. I used a similar card when my kids were teens and they’ve grown up to be fabulously responsible adults. I highly recommend it even if you don’t invest in a PlayMG.

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PlayMG App Recommendations

Check out Olivia Holt (Disney star) and Kyrie Irving’s (NBA Cleveland Cavaliers) recommended apps and games (you’ll find my current favorite, Candy Crush, there). There are music, drawing, gaming, sports and more and new suggestions are added often.

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PlayMG is available at Target, ToysRUs, Amazon, and on the PlayMG website.

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