I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Duracell. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Duracell Quantum Batteries - sponsored #MC

I use a lot of batteries in my home. Smoke detectors, TV remotes, my camera, and emergency lights make up the bulk of them. I’ve switch several to the rechargeable variety because it’s better for the environment, but for some items, that’s just not feasible.

My camera is one of those objects that I rely on great batteries to keep me charged while I’m out taking photos. I’ve tried rechargeable batteries but I end up needing to bring 3-4 sets where 1-2 sets of disposable will do. I can’t afford to miss a shot because I’ve run out of power.

That means I’m always looking for the longest-lasting battery so that I’ll use fewer and Duracell recently released their Quantum battery for people like me. It’s said to be one of the longest lasting batteries available, plus I love that it has a power indicator right on the side of the battery so I know at a glance if it’s a new or used battery (please tell me we are not the only household that has dead batteries in the drawer with the new ones!).

Duracell Quantum Heroes

I love that Duracell feels so strongly about their Quantum batteries that they donated one million batteries to people who need reliable power, first responders. My husband is a first responder and I know how many batteries his flashlight goes through during a fire. It’s wonderful that Duracell honors his work and that of others across the country who work every day to save lives.

They’ve also created a documentary-style video series called Quantum Heroes which shares stories of sacrifice and heroism. Hosted by Tim McGraw, the series interviews first responders about incidents and how they shaped their lives.

Here’s one about an infant rescue. It will touch your heart and give you chills as the child is brought down the ladder as the firefighter gives her CPR. That baby is now a young girl who’s reunited with the people who saved her. So touching.

Duracell Quantum Heroes Baby Rescue Video

I love that buy buying Duracell batteries I’m supporting first responders and in my own way helping to save lives.

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