I received a HAAN Multiforce Pro SS25 steam cleaner to facilitate this review; all opinions are my own.

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It’s not often that I fall in love with a new product almost from the moment I unpack it, but the HAAN Multiforce Pro SS25 steam cleaner is one such product.

What is the HAAN Multiforce Pro?

The HAAN Multiforce Pro is an all-in-one floor and more scrubbing steam cleaner. It allows you to sanitize your carpet, mattress, sofa, hardwood, tile, and engineered wood with the power of steam. You can even use it outside with the scrubbing pads on walkways, decking, and more.

It kills 99.9% of common household bacteria, germs, and dust mites and it does it without chemicals so it’s safe for you, your pets, and the environment.  It has 20 steam jets and a swivel head so it’s easy to maneuver and it gets up even the toughest stains with the optional scrubbing action which you activate with your foot.

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HAAN Multiforce Pro Scrubbing Steam Cleaner (video)

Why is the HAAN Multiforce Pro Better?

There are hundreds of steam mops on the market so why is the HAAN Multiforce Pro better? It’s because in addition to the steam, it provides a powerful scrubbing and buffing motion with its CR-motion™ technology that gets into the grain and cleans out the hard-to-reach areas and leaves behind the driest floor of any steam mop I’ve used. I’m so impressed by the scrubbing feature – it took care of my toughest pet and husband messes in seconds. In an especially dirty areas, I simply slow down my motion and let the scrubber take over. I continue to cover the area several times until it is clean.

Using the HAAN Multiforce Pro

The cleaner comes with two ultra-microfiber cleaning pads, a set of buffing pads, a set of scrub brushes, a floor protector/resting mat, a carpet glide, and 12 individual packets of fresh rinse lime and scale remover. It’s everything you need to clean and freshen your home.

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The cleaner does make a thumping sound that I’ve not experienced with steam floor cleaners before, but according to their FAQ’s, it’s perfectly normal and is the sound of the water pump doing its job. It’s more noticeable when the machine is first turned on and is less evident when it’s fully heated.

Heating takes about 40-45 seconds to reach full temp which is 212 degrees. HAAN has provided a floor mat to protect your floors during the heating process. I love that they’ve thought of everything.

It’s always best to use filtered water with this mop or any steam mop, but they do provide a lime and scale remover product for the tank should you need it.

Final thoughts on the HAAN Multiforce Pro

I don’t have carpet so I can’t speak to its freshening powers and I have a brand new mattress and couch so I didn’t try it there either, but on my engineered hardwood it beats every single steam mop I’ve ever tried. It will be getting heavy use next spring on our deck and front cement pathway – I can’t wait to have a greener way to clean these areas.

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Steam mops beat out the chemical spray mops with the disposable sheets so if you’re still using those, consider the amount you’re spending on the cleaner and the pads and invest in steam. You can’t go wrong by switching to steam, but go for the Multiforce Pro and get the cleanest clean possible without the use of any chemicals and where it helps do the scrubbing.

The HAAN Multiforce Pro SS25 steam cleaner was named to the This Old House Top 100 Products of 2012 list (MSRP $239.95).

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