I received Shrek the Musical to facilitate this review; all opinions are my own.

Shrek the Musical

I love musicals. I don’t think I’ve seen one I didn’t love. There’s something about the live aspect of the stage that I adore. That said, filming a stage show for the home video crowd rarely goes well and sadly Shrek The Musical suffers from the format.

The filmed version can only focus on a small part of the stage which results in really odd close-ups so the magic of the makeup and costuming is revealed, or the camera is so far pulled back that the actor’s facial expressions are lost. I almost wish they’d use a fixed camera so the experience would be similar to sitting in the audience.

That said, I did enjoy Shrek The Musical, but on a different level than if I was seated in the theater audience. If you’re a Shrek fan, you’ll love the performance. There are plenty of low brow lines and a song about flatulence. The performance follows the original Shrek movie pretty well with all of our favorite characters.


There are a few bonus features including “Shrek: The Musical Songbook” that lets you replace some of the most popular songs from the show with the lyrics so you can sing along. They’ve also included a featurette entitled, “From Swamp to Stage” with comments from the composer and an introduction by Cameron Diaz.

So should you purchase Shrek The Musical? Yes if you’re a fan of musicals or Shrek. If you’re not, you may want to rent this one first.

Shrek the Musical

Shrek the Musical is not rated (though I’d suggest 10+) and was released by DreamWorks studio on October 15, 2013.

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About Shrek The Musical

Featuring a fantasic score of 17 all-new songs, Shrek The Musical was filmed on stage to capture the magic of a Broadway performance and stars an amazing celebrated cast including Brian d’Arcy James (Shrek), Sutton Foster (Fiona), Daniel Breaker (Donkey), Christopher Sieber (Lord Farquaad), and John Tartaglia (Pinocchio). The film was shot live on Broadway with 10 cameras and directed by Michael Warren. Now you can bring the magic of Broadway to your home and get the best seat in the house when the Deluxe Edition Blu-ray and DVD arrives on October 15th!