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Cheetos Cube - Halloween Themed at Sam's Club - AdIt’s been years since I’ve had anyone young enough to take Trick-or-Treating and I miss those days of bundling up the kids against the cold and the rain and tramping around asking  neighbors for candy. So many years their costumes were buried under raincoats or heavy coats so only their headgear gave away what they’d chosen to dress up as.

Even as very young kids they loved bringing home their goodies and dumping out the piles on the carpet which always reminded me of my own childhood. Like me they’d separate their haul into the “good stuff” and the “junk”. The junk went back into the bag and the good stuff became the snack of choice for the next month.

But there’s more to Trick-or-Treating than sweets. How about sharing something savory this year and be the house they remember! Visit your local Sam’s Club store and pick up the glow-in-the-dark Cheetos® Halloween Cube. With its perforations, it’s easy to share the 65 individual bags with the neighborhood goblins or the kids’ classroom ghouls.

This special glow-in-the-dark package is only available while supplies last and they’re perfect for lunch and snacks, too. Individual packages help with portion sizes, are easy for grab-and-go snacks, and pack easily for trips to the pumpkin farm or a trick or treat snack of your own.

Will you be handing out the treats or are you heading out with your costumed clan to look for treats? Whichever you do, have fun and enjoy it!

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