I received a pet cover from SureFit to facilitate this review; all opinions are my own

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My son and his new wife have a fabulous pup name Roo. He’s a 9-month old Blue Heeler and  Border Collie mix, but my hubby and I agree that he looks like a Dingo with those big ears. Roo is ridiculously energetic and with his puppy goofiness, he’s all legs, tongue, and tail. You definitely know when he’s come over to visit.

While my son and his wife were on their honeymoon, Roo spent two weeks with us and while he was here, I spent most of my time trying to keep him from ruining our new sectional couch. It’s something I’ve always wanted and since the kids are gone I could finally buy myself a “good” couch. What I didn’t bank on was a grand dog.

We tried keeping a blanket on the couch but he’d just make a bed out of it by pawing it into a bunch and then laying on it; hardly the protection we’d hoped for. Plus, it wasn’t long before the blanket smelled like dog so we were constantly washing it which left the couch naked and open to “Roo”-sification.

About that time SureFit contacted me about doing a review for them. Since I’ve purchased Surefit products many time for my Craigslist couches in the past, I knew the quality of their goods so I picked out one of their pet covers.

Pet Covers for the Home

Surfit Pet Covers for the Home

I have a large sectional that has removable covers on it, but they’re dry clean only, so I wanted to protect them, but only when the dog was here.  To accomplish this, I chose Surefit’s Deluxe Armless Loveseat Cover. It’s an armless design which allows me to use it to cover the back and seat of the couch, or just the seat by folding it in half. Or I can use it anywhere else, like on the back seat of the car or to cover my new bed.

Unlike the blanket, which was the worst one we owned because it was a “dog blanket,” this deluxe furniture cover is amazingly soft. I actually like sitting on it myself! It’s got a velvety feel to it, has 4” box quality with high-loft 5 oz polyester filling which gives it a small amount of padding, and a micro fleece backing which is soft to the touch as well. It’s hard to say which side I like more.

It has a removable strap, I think mine is under the couch, the cat has claimed it as a toy, to secure it in place if you like. I don’t find that necessary as the quilting and fabric keep it flat and the large size makes the pup think he can’t make a bed out of it so he doesn’t try. It comes with a protective finish which resists odors and it’s machine washable.

Surefit Deluxe Armless Loveseat Cover - photo credit SureFit.com

Surefit Deluxe Armless Loveseat Cover – photo credit SureFit.com

Surefit makes deluxe furniture covers for a variety of items including sectionals, loveseats, sofas, chairs, futons, chaise lounges and more. They also have a wide selection of pet covers for the home as well as the pet covers for autos.

The Deluxe Armless Loveseat Cover retails for $69.99 and comes in 5 colors including the dark gray which I chose.

We love our Roo, but we love a clean, non-stinky couch even more! Who do you protect your couch from?

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