These Fall Safety Tips and a Portable Safe were provided to facilitate this review; all opinions are my own.

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It’s definitely winter – school is in full swing, days are shorter, and I’m seeing my social media feeds filled with Homecoming dance pictures and football scores. That also means more hours of the day for the bad guys to work.

Master Lock has shared some fall safety tips with me in hopes that by sharing them, they’ll be able to help prevents some thefts and keep me and my family safer. Of course, I want to do the same for you, so here are my favorite tips.

Master Lock Fall Safety Tips

  1. Be aware of your surroundings – this is true for every member of the family. Choose well-lit areas, make sure your family members know where you are and what route you’re taking, and keep in touch.
  2. Establish a “home alone” routine – Empty houses can be scary for young children. Heck, even this 52-year old isn’t always comfortable. Have set routines like locking the door as soon as you enter the house, ways to handle someone knocking at the door (I use an inexpensive security camera so I can see who’s at the door), and where to find emergency numbers. Also, how do you handle a lost or forgotten key? Consider a Master Lock 5422D Portable Key Safe for storing a spare set of keys outside to avoid lockouts.
  3. Set rules for social sharing – I parented teens in the 2000’s. I know all about trying to keep them from the sites that can harm them. I also know how easy they can get around those safeguards. It’s an ongoing battle, but one you need to wage. Talk to them often about the risks and how to prevent becoming a victim.
  4. Secure valuable while you’re out and about – when you’re on the football field or travelling for work, there are times when your valuables are vulnerable. Consider a 5900D SafeSpace. It’s a small portable safe that kids can easily fit into their backpacks, gym bags or lock down to a fixed object while attending after-school activities. I use mine while travelling. It’s big enough for my cellphone, keys, and prescription medicine and locks with a cable to any fixed object or inside by bag.
  5. Home Safety – have an evacuation plan in case of fire or other natural disaster. Plan also for what to do if you’re separated during an event – how would you contact each other? Check your smoke detectors and change batteries if necessary. Replace the units every 7-10 years.

SafeSpace by Master Lock - portable personal safe - ad

Storage Security – No. 5900D – The Safe Space

Perfect for school, the office, travel, dorm room, or even on vacation. Protect small valuable like cell phones, MP3 players, jewelry, cash, credit cards, passports, etc. The lock is opened with a 4-digit combination you set. The cable is released by the push of a button. Wrap it around any strong, fixed object and you’re set. The cable can also be used as a carrying handle.

The portable safe is durable and water-resistant. It has a shock absorbing case with an ear bud/charging cable access port so you can listen to your device while it’s secured inside the case.

Retails for $27.59 – available in black or white.

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SafeSpace by Master Lock - portable personal safe - ad