I received a Flexi Play from Tiny Love to facilitate this review, but all opinions are 100% mine. 

 The Flexi Play from Tiny Love - Ad

Tiny Love recently sent us one of their newest innovations: the Flexi Play baby activity center. This flexible, soft tube (my older son calls it the “snake toy”) is covered in bright material with activity options at every turn, from hanging rattles and teething toys to crinkly panels and texture elements. It can be repositioned into a variety of play positions, from classic overhead to tummy time and even a bridge to motivate crawling infants — your baby can use and play with this toy from birth all the way to 18 months!

 The Flexi Play from Tiny Love - Ad

My four-month-old was delighted with his new toy. I initially tried it in classic overhead (as pictured below) and he had a blast trying to grab at the little toys and checking himself out in the mirror. I also liked the 360-degree effect, since there is something bright to look at above and on either side of the baby — I moved some of the toys further to the sides to encourage him to move around a little bit, and he was almost rolling completely over to grab the pieces!

 The Flexi Play from Tiny Love - Ad

We use this toy for tummy time a lot too, as it keeps him occupied and motivated to stay on his tummy longer during his least favorite activity. I wish it had more hanging toys because those are definitely his favorite part.

Flexi Play Challenges

One thing I didn’t love about Flexi Play was that I had a hard time converting it into the different structures. The product comes with a brochure (and a YouTube video) to illustrate the steps needed to create each shape, but even when I followed the directions I noticed the toy didn’t seem super sturdy. It was probably user error, but Flexi Play seemed really wobbly and unstable in some of the upright positions, which isn’t a good thing when you’ve got a four-month-old pulling on the toys and trying to wiggle around. We will use this toy more for tummy time activities anyway, but I still feel like I need to keep a close eye on my baby when he’s using it.

Buy the Flexi Play by Tiny Love

The Flexi Play baby toy is available online for $39.99, and other Tiny Love products (like the new Starry Night Mobile Soother Night Light, so cute!) are available online and at Babies R Us.

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