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Intel AIO PC All-In-One Computers Spontaneous Creativity #IntelAIO AD

I’ll admit it. When it comes to technology I have a weakness for it. Some women buy shoes, handbags, designer clothing and the like. I buy computers, cameras, and other pieces of tech to make my life easier. So when I got the chance to add a new AIO PC All-in-One computer to my stable of goodies I said yes. Unlike a lot of families, this one is not replacing a big and bulky standard desktop. I did that a year or two ago with an older All-in-One computer. I’ve loved that computer since the day I booted it up for the first time so I knew I’d love this one too.

What’s an All-in-One? It’s a genius design that years ago we only dreamed of. Gone are the massive cables running from the peripherals – now it’s all wireless and the computer itself can be moved easily from room to room or even held in my lap like a huge tablet. But unlike a table, it’s a full PC but there’s no hard drive box  – it’s all built right into the screen. Yep, it’s pretty amazing.

The  touchscreen and keyboard/mouse combo allows you to use it anyway you want without any confusing set up. Plus it’s equipped with an internal battery like a laptop  so it can be use anywhere. It’s sleek and lightweight and makes playing games, watching movies, or using it to refer to recipes a breeze and actually fun.

Intel AIO PC: All-in-One Setup and Experience

Intel AIO PC All-In-One Computers Spontaneous Creativity #IntelAIO All-in-One PC

Setup is fast and easy though I had some trouble with the Wi-Fi connection. I could connect but it gave me an error message saying the Wi-Fi signal was “Limited.”  Since I have probably 30 different devices working on the Wi-Fi I knew it was something wrong with the computer and not my system. Thankfully after a few days I realized all I needed to do was attach the computer directly to my Internet with the provided dongle (network to USB cable) where I was able to download updated drivers. I was finally in business and instantly in love.

I had a bit of a learning curve learning Windows 8 at the same time as well as how the touchscreen works without the keyboard, but it’s pretty intuitive and there are helpful videos and text to get you through. Now that I’ve personalized my Windows 8 tiles I actually love it. For my new kitchen computer station the touchscreen and Windows 8 are perfect.

Intel AIO PC All-In-One Computer:  Spontaneous Creativity

I’ll be sharing more about my new kitchen/baking workstation in the next few weeks. I admit, it’s a real splurge, but as someone who was constantly dragging a laptop into the kitchen it’s a fabulous addition to my cooking/baking efforts and one that will allow me to spark my spontaneous creativity. So many times I’ve wanted to post a pic or update a recipe as I cook and stopping the process to go retrieve my laptop meant most times I just didn’t bother. Now that I have a full PC literally at my fingertips, I’m hoping you’ll see more coming out of my oven and on to my blog!

Intel AIO PC All-In-One Computer: Learn More

The HP ENVY Rove 20-K014us Mobile All-in-One PC I received fits my needs and lifestyle perfectly but I realize it may not be for everyone. Luckily there are plenty of other manufacturers and processors and manufacturers to choose from in AIO PC. Click here to compare and find your best fit.

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