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My husband is doing pretty well on his path to healthier eating. It’s not easy to give up decades old eating habits. Luckily there are so many fabulous fresh and frozen products on the market now so it’s easy for him to make the switch from beef.

His love affair with red meat has been replaced with quick and easy poultry and seafood and that includes some frozen entrees for the nights he’s on duty at the fire station. One of the go-to brands I send with him is Lean Cuisines Honestly Good. It’s a new line found in the healthy frozen food section (next to the organic and vegetarian products) and they’re all natural, minimally processed and they’re free from artificial ingredients and preservatives. Perfect!

Lean Cuisine Honestly Good – How do they taste?

Lean Cuisine Honestly Good Frozen meals - hashtags #HonestlyGood #PMedia and #ad

 Lean Cuisine Honestly Good meals are available in Honey Citrus Chicken, Lemongrass Salmon, Pineapple Black Pepper Beef, Plum Ginger Grain-Crusted Fish, Pomegranate Chicken, and Roasted Red Pepper Chicken. I think he’s tried them all now with the exception of the beef and he’s been surprised to find out they’re frozen entrees.

Frozen food gets a bad wrap because most of it is terrible. Gummy rice or noodles, limp vegetables, and soggy proteins. Thankfully that’s not the case at all with this these new meals. In this line the meal is double wrapped and the sauce is frozen separately and added at the time of heating. I do find I prefer the vegetables tender/crisp so I remove them when the sauce is added, but that’s a personal preference.

Lean Cuisine Honesty Good Frozen Meals hashtags #HonestlyGood #PMedia and #ad

What’s my husband’s favorite entree? The Lemongrass Salmon. He loves the sweet and flaky meat set against the nice lemongrass flavor. I know that’s the one that I love smelling as it cooks (all of the meals microwave in just 5 minutes).

Lean Cuisine Honestly Good  Lemongrass Salmon - hashtags #HonestlyGood #PMedia and #ad

Lean Cuisine Honestly Good – Complete Meals

What I love about the Lean Cuisine Honestly Good frozen entrees is they come complete with a protein, grain, and vegetable so I know he’s getting all the essential nutrients he needs in just about 320 calories. They’re low fat but the sodium content is around 400 mg; I’d love to see that lower. Still, if I’m not going to send him a homemade meal, this is the next best thing.

Lean Cuisine Honestly Good Honey Citrus Chicken hashtags #HonestlyGood #PMedia and #ad

I also love that Nestle, along with their farmers, donates a portion of the vegetables grown for Lean Cuisine Honestly Good meals to local communities.

Pomegranate Chicken Honestly Good - #HonestlyGood #PMedia #ad

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