I received a professionally forged 8” Chef Knife to facilitate this review; all opinions are my own.

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I’ll admit it. I’ve only purchased one or two knives since I got married in 1983. That’s because in the 80’s giving newlyweds knife blocks filled with 10-15 knives was all the rage and since I never return a gift, I had two blocks plus a plethora of individual knives.

They were good quality knives, but we didn’t take care of them; or should I say my husband didn’t. They all had wooden handles and were supposed to be washed by hand. He doesn’t wash anything by hand – literally everything goes in the dishwasher – if it doesn’t fit in the dishwasher it gets tossed or left for me.

After about 25 years of mistreatment they started failing. First the handles cracked and separated and the blades started falling out. Eventually the blades grew dull. I was down to one “good” knife and it was a long serrated carving blade for cutting bread, but I used for absolutely everything (yes, you can see pics of me chopping vegetables with it on my blog – one makes do!).

 8in Chef Knife

So imagine how excited I was when Chef’s Emporium asked me to review one of their products. I went immediately to their knives section and picked out a professionally forged 8” Chef Knife. I was thrilled to see that their knives are made in Germany from Solingen Carbon Surgical Steel. They’re ground by hand as well as machine so that they’re accurately honed and the blade straight and clean.

I chose this specific knife because of its versatility. It’s perfect for chopping vegetables but retains its sharpness to cut tomatoes with ease. I’ve diced, sliced, and used it on both cooked and raw meat and so much more.

It’s insanely sharp and I have to remind myself of that when I’m using it so I don’t cut myself. I’m used to having to apply brute force to cut with my knives, that’s not the case with this amazing 8” Chef Knife. It slices insanely smoothly and I’ll admit, I’m a little spoiled now, so it’s the only knife I use.

Chop and slice like a pro - Chefs Emporium  Ad

The knife is wonderfully balanced and feels smooth and weighted just right for optimal comfort. I am amazed at how it lets me cut like a professional and dice like an expert with its curved blade.

My husband has put this one in the dishwasher as well which is fine because it’s dishwasher safe! Plus its seamless polypropylene (POM) handle means it’s not going to split after years of use and it’s NSF approved (which means the National Science Foundation has reviewed the knife design for safety).

This is a quality knife and I expect it to last at least as long as the ones we received in 1983 did – that would be my lifetime and that’s a pretty good investment for only $55.

The Chef’s Emporium offers much more than knives, though they offer an amazing selection of those. They also sells the Chef Works brand of chef coats, hats, pants, and clothing (many of which can be personalized) as well as a fun line of kid’s chef uniforms including traditional aprons or my favorite, the kid-size chef jackets.