Unique 30th Anniversary Gift

What do you give your wife to celebrate 30 years of marriage?  The traditional 30th wedding anniversary gift is pearls and that’s why it’s called the pearl anniversary, but many celebrate with diamonds or trips to far off and exotic places. But that’s not what my loving husband gave me for our 30th year of marriage which we celebrated on October 8th. He gave me the gift of his health.

A Unique 30th Anniversary Gift

For our anniversary he scheduled some long overdue and uncomfortable health tests and today I sit typing from a hospital waiting room while he has another in the series, and likely the most miserable test, a colonoscopy and endoscopy.  They’re tests that start out 24 hours before with fasting and 12 hours or so of chemicals which course through your body and cause it to expel everything you’ve had inside in a matter of hours – there’s nothing romantic about that.

Once you’re thoroughly depleted, hungry, and nauseous and feeling downright crappy, you travel to the health facility where you go through endless questions about your insurance, your health history, and every intimate detail of your life. And then the real fun begins. You’re given an IV and the first of several drugs that will allow you to be scoped while fully awake, but you just won’t care.

I’m waiting while all this is going on – about an hour is all it takes – but it seems a lifetime of waiting and while I don’t waste time worrying, I’ll admit I do have some concerns for what they might find. But I’ve been here. I’ve done this test and I know he’ll be ok soon, but he’s going to be pretty miserable for a few hours. But it’s worth it. This test could find polyps or other abnormalities that without early detection could kill him and so he’s doing it, for me.

Steve Anniverary Gift

Will he ever do it again? I don’t know as I’ve haven’t scheduled up my follow-up producer which was due 2 years ago. But it is lifesaving, I know that, and I love my husband for doing this for me. What a loving way to celebrate our 30 years together with the promise of many more.  I’m greedy, 30 isn’t enough.

Update: They found two problems. First, he has an ulcer. I’m not surprised, but it’s good to know and they can treat it. The second is a larger problem. They’ve biopsied it and we’ll know some time next week if it’s benign. Whether it’s benign or not, he’ll have to be rescoped in 8 weeks to check it again. Yep, best gift ever.