We went mattress shopping the Sleep Number way – this is our experience. Sleep Number provided a mattress to facilitate this review; all opinions are our own.

Shopping for a mattress do not have to be a nightmare - Sleep Number Ad

My husband and I are all about sleep. It’s something we dream about but haven’t had any luck with for years. We’ve always purchased our mattresses based on price and every single time we’ve been disappointed with our purchase.

Mattress Shopping – What a Nightmare

Just last year we purchased a new king size mattress and boxspring from a big box store (think blue and yellow – you can read about our nightmare mattress shopping trip here) and every aspect of the purchase went wrong. First in the store itself where we were told that they’re a self-service store and choosing a mattress meant reading the one paragraph description and laying on the bed. That’s in for a $1200 purchase. But we did it because every time we buy a mattress we get overwhelmed with the choices and so this was easy. We took the easy way out.

Fast forward a year and that mattress has broken down. It’s likely a warranty issue but to find out, the store requires us to bring the mattress to them. First we paid to have it delivered, it failed, you’d think they could send a new one and have it checked out and replaced on the spot. Nope. We have to rent a truck, haul it into the store on our own, and then wait for someone behind the desk to approve it or not. It’s insanely heavy. I’m not doing it.

Mattress Shopping  the Sleep Number Way

So imagine how excited I was when the Sleep Number company reached out and offered to send us a bed. After grumbling about my horrible experience with the original store, they offered to show me their service and wow, what a difference.

First my husband and I visited our local Sleep Number store which is inside our local mall. There we were greeted warmly and asked if we’d like to find our Sleep Number. Thrilled to try the bed we’ve dreamed about owning but always though we couldn’t, we jumped on the testing bed and wah…wah…wah…we were  immediately underwhelmed. The bed was comfortable, but not amazingly comfortable like we hoped.

Finding My Personal Sleep Number #sleepnumber Ad

Still, I was open-minded as we went through the process of feeling the difference in the amount of inflation in the bed’s bladder both visually and through our own experience. As the bed got softer, I got more comfortable and that was reflected in the colored display showing where my body was contacting with the mattress….ah…the comfort I was expecting was becoming mine.

After a thorough demonstration on how the bed works we moved up to the next model in the line and wow, what a difference. This bed was much more comfortable and less like an air mattress. We were really starting to get excited about the prospect of getting some decent sleep finally.

Then like the three bears in the Goldilocks tale, we continued trying beds until we came to ours….the M7 model. Its memory foam and Sleep Number air chambers were the perfect fit for us. We were both smiling from ear to ear as we laid there on that bed looking up at our sales person with stars in our eyes.

Mattress Shopping the Sleep Number way - #sleepnumber ad

Our Sleep Number sales rep, Kevin, walked us through the bed, what it could do for us, what accessories we might want to purchase, what the warranty covered and more. I don’t know how much of it I heard because angels were singing and my body was finally at rest.

Our Sleep Number Mattress Shopping Experience

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We fell in love with the Sleep Number quality on that day and bought ourselves matching his and her Sleep Number Coolfit Foam pillows, which while incredibly expensive, are worth every penny. They’re our gift to each other and the promise of restful sleep.

The Gift of Sleep - Sleep Number Coolfit Foam Pillow - mattress shopping

Our bed was handmade in the US and delivered just two weeks later. So do we love it? You’ll have to wait…we’re in the testing phase….shhhhhh….we’re sleeping.

Check in with me in a few weeks and I’ll tell you how our new M7 Sleep Number bed is fitting into our home and our life and I’ll share more about the accessories available and the ones we decided we couldn’t live without.

Have you tried a Sleep Number bed? If not, stop by your local store and try it out. I’d love to know what your number is! 

Special thanks to Kevin for such a great experience!