Bumkins sent product to facilitate this review, but all opinions are 100% mine. 

Bumkins: Fabulous Reusable Bags

Bumkins products have revolutionized my diaper bag and — dare I say it? — my life. These cute, reusable fabric bags come in a variety of sizes and functions that are perfect for any mom on the go, or just anyone who wants a little more eco-friendly organization in their lives.

Bumkins bags are made out of colorful, easy-wipe waterproof fabric in fun prints like Dr. Seuss characters, turtles, crocodiles and flowers. They come in three types: snack size, lunch size, and a variety of wet bag sizes. The lunch and snack bags can be washed right in the dishwasher, and the wet bags can be thrown into a hot laundry load and laid flat to dry. They feature sturdy zippers and snap closures.

Bumkins: Fabulous Reusable Bags

I got to try two sizes of the snack bags, plus the wet bag. You will never realize just how thankful you are to have a Bumkins Wet Bag in your possession until you’re out on an all-day outing and your baby has a blow out. (I am obviously speaking from experience here.) Huge mess? No problem. I just changed the baby into a clean onesie and stashed the nasty, dirty one in my Wet Bag for the rest of the day until I could get home and wash it. No mess, no smell, nothing. It was perfect!

My three-year-old and I have super quick metabolisms, so I always make sure we’ve got some snacks with us wherever we go. I don’t love using the little plastic snack cups from the store (they’re not always BPA free — who knows what weird plastic is leaching into our food!) and I feel guilty going through a zillion plastic reclosable bags all the time — so storing our snacks in Bumkins bags is perfect! I love that I can wash and reuse them so easily, and the cute designs make us both happy. Plus, I find myself using my Bumkins bags for all sorts of other purposes — travel, toy organization, you name it. These are so handy!

In addition, Bumkins features other helpful products like Splat Mats, Waterproof Stroller Blankets, Cloth Laundry Bags and more (I’ve got my eye on these new teething necklaces!). Bumkins products can be purchased via their web site, in select retail stores or at any of these online retailers.

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