Levenger sent me product to facilitate this review, but all opinions are 100% mine. 

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Remember in junior high, when we used to write letters back and forth to friends at school? I used to swap notes between classes with all my friends, and we’d doodle and draw all over them to dress them up and make our regular notebook paper look a little more fancy. Ah, life before texting. (I bet today’s kids haven’t passed a note in their life! Sad.)

Thanks to technology, the art of the handwritten note has sadly started to drift away, but some people — like ME! — still admire a beautifully written letter. I don’t spend hours perfecting my cursive these days, but I still love holding a good pen or writing an aesthetically pleasing card to a friend. Thanks to companies like Levenger, this art still has some good life left in it.

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I recently reviewed a Levenger L-Tech Plus Twist Ballpoint Pen with Stylus and loved it. The pen has a nice weight to it and the ink is solid and reliable, with the ballpoint tip appearing with an easy twist. The opposite end of the pen features a handy little stylus, which you can use for your iPad or other technological devices. The pen comes in five different metallic colors.


More details about the L-Tech Plus Twist Ballpoint Pen, from the experts at Levenger:

  • Expertly weighted for a satisfying heft
  • Brass barrel with a metallic finish
  • Barrel starts off faceted, which keeps it from rolling off your desk, and finishes in a smoothly textured grip for comfort
  • Ballpoint deploys with a twist
  • Silicone rubber stylus tip screws off for replacement
  • 5 1/8L x 7/16 diameter; 1.06 oz

Best of all, I guarantee you’ll feel like a sophisticated writer with this pen in your hand. This would be a perfect gift for any high school or college graduate in your life, a special promotion gift for an executive, or anyone who appreciates a well-made writing instrument.

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