I am a participant in the Ford C-MAX Driving Event – my accommodations and travel have been provided; however, all opinions are my own. 

Our First Aerostar Van - Early 1990s - that little boy is 27 now.  #CMAXDrive ad

I’ve been a Ford fan since 1995. Well actually before that because 1995 was when we bought our second Aerostar van; I’ve forgotten the model year of the first. Our first Aerostar was a used van which we traded in a few years later when the engine caught on fire. I don’t remember now why it did, I only remember putting it out with 7-11 Big Gulp cups of Diet Soda. We obviously weren’t scared off by the incident because we replaced our van with a brand new (then) Aerostar with four-wheel drive and a V-6. Back then we had two small children and a 16″ Bayliner boat, so the new van was perfect fit.

Fast forward to 2013 and that van is now occupied 99% o the time by just me. The kids have grown and moved on with their lives, and we sold the boat a few years ago. Our beloved 7-passenger van has outlived its usefulness and so within the next two years I’m going to replace it with something that fits our current lifestyle. Of course, Ford will be on the list of prospective replacements because in the last 18 years, our van has been fabulous. There’s never been a single problem with it. Of course now I’m hoping I haven’t jinxed myself because after all, I am driving a nearly 20-year old van.

Our 1995 Aerostar Van in 2012 -  #CMAXDrive ad

Ford C-Max Drive to Pebble Beach

I get the chance tomorrow to see some of Ford’s new technology. I’m currently in a hotel in San Francisco, California, for an event which starts in the morning to drive the new Ford C-MAX and I couldn’t be more excited. I really know nothing about it other than it’s a hybrid, something I’m desperately trying to convince my husband is a must-have in my next vehicle. I’ll be paired for the drive with Kathleen from LifeWith4Boys.com and the two of us will take a C-MAX out on the road and give it a workout.

2014 Ford C-MAX - Source: WorldCarFans.com   #CMAXDrive Ad

We’ll be headed to Pebble Beach which will give us a chance to experience its driving and handling capabilities on the freeway as well as on narrow and winding roads. We’ll have the opportunity to tryout the features of the car and all it has to offer.

We will also have a little time to explore Carmel and Monterey. We’ll be taking timeout to tour the Monterey Aquarium  (read Brian’s trip to Carmel in  July ) and have time to put our feet in the sand. I hope you’ll come along with me by following me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook where I’ll be sharing photos along the way with the hashtag #cmaxdrive.

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