This post brought to you by Dollar General. All opinions are 100% mine.

 Sometimes you want that Just Brushed Clean Feeling™ in the middle of the day when you’re away from a toothbrush and paste. That’s when Orbit® gum comes to the rescue! Chewing Orbit® gum for a few minutes can give you fresh breath in an instant.

Orbit Value Packs at Dollar General

Now my two favorite flavors, peppermint and spearmint, are available at Dollar General in a  NEW Orbit Value Pack. That means that I can get enough for my next road trip and have some to share. Each value pack has 2 packages of gum for a total of 14 pieces and Dollar General has this special pack at a fabulous price that can’t be beat.

I also love a peppermint or spearmint jolt in the afternoon when I’m feeling stressful. Both scents are natural pick-me-ups and taste great. Sort of aroma therapy for your mouth.

What’s Your Bad Breath Quick Fix?

Orbit® gum is a quick and easy way for me to tackle coffee breath. What’s your go-to solution for bad breath? Do you have a trick for taking away the ickies after lunch or dinner when you can’t brush? I know a lot of people who use mints; however, mints don’t work for me. In fact, the sugar in them makes my breath worse!

Which flavor is your favorite? Have you shopped at Dollar General?