I received Mally Poreless Perfection Foundation to facilitate this review; all opinions are my own.

I’ve been using the same mineral foundation for years, but lately I’ve noticed that it’s settling into my fine lines and looking very dry and cakey around my eyes, so I’ve been on the search for a replacement. I don’t want to go back to liquid foundations because they tend to rub off on everything, so I’d like to stay in the powdered range.

I just tried the Mally Poreless Perfection Glowing Foundation and loved it. I shouldn’t be surprised. After all, it’s a QVC 2013 Customer Choice Beauty Award Nominee, and it has plenty of glowing reviews there as well; however, so that I didn’t influence my personal trial, I didn’t read them until I experienced it for myself.

Mally Poreless Perfection Foundation Makeup - Before and After Photos ad

What I Love about Mally Poreless Perfection Glowing Foundation

The foundation comes in a sweet little pink compact with a hidden sponge for application and mirror. I used my own small brush before discovering the application sponge cleverly hidden underneath the powder. The powder went on flawlessly and felt fabulous on my skin.

There was no shine to this foundation makeup which is very important when you’re a woman over 50, but it made my skin glow and not look flat. My skin looked fabulous even though I brushed it on without paying too much attention to coverage; that tells me it’s pretty much foolproof.

Mally Poreless Perfection Foundation - Light adI choose the color shade “Light” which was perfect, but I also received the medium tan compact, much too dark for my fair skin, but perfect for contouring the sides of my nose in an attempt to make it look thinner as well as under my cheekbones and my neck. In the photo, I did apply Mally Blush as well because I’ll be reviewing it as well plus a tiny bit of eyeshadow. Otherwise, there are no primers, coverups, or other applications of additional makeup.

The Mally Poreless Perfection Foundation is available in Fair, Light, Medium Light, Medium, Medium Tan, Tan, Rich, or Deep and comes with a brush (though mine didn’t) and a sponge.

The brand was created by Mally Roncat, a makeup expert who believes that with the proper tools and knowledge that all women can bring out their inner beauty.

I’m impressed with the powdered foundation and will be sharing more of this line with you. Mally has created products for cheeks, lips, and eyes as well.

Mally beauty and skincare products can be purchase at QVC.com.