I received Stur natural water enhancer to facilitate this review; all opinions are my own.

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Stur is a new water enhancer that’s completely different from everything else on the market I’ve seen. It has 0 calories, 7 essential vitamins (A, D, E, B3, B5, B6, B12, and B), and no artificial colors or flavors.

It’s sweetened with stevia leaf extract and the best part is that this liquid flavor enhancer mixes easily and you control how much or how little you add. It can be added to tap or filtered water as I use it or soda water, milk, ice cream, yogurt or smoothies as well as zero calorie cocktails.

I carry a Stur bottle with me in my purse and especially when I travel along with my filter water bottle. This has saved me a huge amount of money on bottled water from honor bars and hotel gift shops.

I do wish that Stur was preservative free. Perhaps at some point they’ll forgo the longer shelf life for the health properties of removing it. That said, once opened it has a 30-day lifespan and doesn’t require refrigeration. While it has this one small drawback, compared to every other water flavor additive I’ve tried, it’s the closest to perfection and it tastes great.

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Stur Flavors

Six flavors: Honestly Lemonade, Purely Orange Mango, Simply Strawberry, Truly PomeCranberry, Proudly Tea + Lemon, and Only Mint Cucumber (unsweetened). My favorite? Honestly Lemonade, Simply Strawberry, and Truly PomeCranberry.

How to use Stur

Squeeze for 6-8 seconds for every 8 oz of water. Each Stur bottle contains enough for 18-8oz servings.

Stur retails for $19.99 for five bottles which might seem expensive at first glance for such a small amount of liquid. But when you consider that much concentrated flavor makes 90-8oz glasses of flavored water that’s a deal! Plus it’s so much better for the environment. Shipping 5 small bottles instead of 90 large ones just makes sense.

Purchase Stur from their website and at Amazon.com.

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Learn More about Stur

  • Is it safe for children to drink?
  • Kosher
  • Gluten Free
  • Caffeine free
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