5 Phases sent me a bottle to facilitate this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.

5 Phases Hybrid Glass Baby Bottle  - ad

Bottle feeding can be tricky with all the different nipple and bottle options, and if you’re looking for the safest materials to use in feeding your baby you might get even more overwhelmed when studying the ingredients in all the different types of plastic bottles. Enter 5 Phases and their revolutionary Hybrid Glass Baby Bottles, providing the healthful benefits of glass and the protection of BPA-free plastic.

The 5 Phases Hybrid Glass Baby Bottle has a unique patented design. A translucent plastic sleeve helps protect the glass insert, and all inserts are interchangeable and can be replaced with other 5 Phases glass inserts. This also creates a great storage solution for pumped milk or formula.

5 Phases Hybrid Glass Baby Bottle  - ad

I got to try one of these cool hybrid bottles with my baby, and I was impressed. I was initially intimidated by the bottle’s assembly (the instructions tell you to insert the glass bottle into the plastic just so, to avoid leaks or breakage), but I discovered it was super easy to put the bottle together and I didn’t have any trouble figuring it out. I felt really good knowing that I was feeding him via glass instead of potentially sketchy plastic. The bottle is nicely designed, easy to wash, and easy to handle.

Christine Barlow, the founder of 5 Phases, was inspired to create a safer alternative to traditional feeding bottles after her child was born weighing 1 lb. 7 oz as a micro-preemie. Christine became aware of how environmental factors affect our children, and with all the concerns of plastics she felt there was a need for more options for parents who wanted to use glass. Glass baby bottles need to be safe, convenient and unbreakable — and that’s how the Hybrid Glass Baby Bottle was born.

5 Phases Glass Bottles are available at specialty stores around the country or via www.5phases.com.

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