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Roo taste tests ALPO Homestyle Prime Cuts Gravy Cravers Wet Dog Food

We’re still dog sitting for our grand dog, Roo. He’s been staying with us while his parents are on their 14-day Disney Honeymoon Cruise. Let’s just say that the husband and I are traditional grandparents, we spoil the heck out of him!

ALPO® Homestyle Prime Cuts Gravy Cravers Taste Test

Roo sleeps between us in our king size bed and has nabbed a few more treats than I’m sure he gets at home. Plus, he got to do an ALPO® taste test for me….he was happy to help! I set out two different flavors of ALPO® Homestyle Prime Cuts Gravy Cravers and let him pick his favorite.

He went straight to the Lamb & Rice barely giving the Roast Beef flavor a look. I encouraged him to give it a try, but he wasn’t having it. He’s a fan of the lamb!

Roo picks a wet dog food winner!

How to Switch your Dog’s Food Brand

Roo would have eaten the entire bowl, but since this is his first taste of wet food, we need to transition him slowly. As with any change in your dog’s food, you should mix the old food with the new food starting with ¾ of the old food and ¼ of the new food. Continue to increase the new food until you’re feeding 100% new. Changing any dog’s food abruptly will mean you’ll likely deal with lose stools and that’s no fun!

ALPO® Homestyle Prime Cuts Gravy Cravers does use meat byproducts which is not my first choice, but they are a 100% complete and balanced dog food and they have grains and vegetables which Roo really enjoyed.

Gracie - the pickiest dog on the planet

But what about my girls? Gracie wouldn’t touch it. Jewel couldn’t be bothered to get off the bed. They are the two pickiest aka spoiled dogs ever. Roo loved it and is looking forward to finishing off the rest of them so he’s ok with that.

How do you handle mealtime with your dogs?

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