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I love the cats but hate their litter box! Can a new litter make life easier for us all? ad

I lost my sweet cat name Pooh in 2011 after 20 years. She started her life as an inside cat but it wasn’t long before she let us know outside was the better place for her. Thankfully that also meant she no longer required a litter box in the house and for that I was thankful. You see I have a really good nose. I can smell a cat box from a mile away and I don’t like them.

Mom & Dad’s Pet Hostel

While we love cats, we’ve decided not to bring another into our home, so why then do I currently have two cat litter boxes in my house? It turns out, once the kids move out, their pets move in every time they go on vacation and we’ve become a pet hostel!

We currently have my youngest son’s dog, Roo, and Sam the cat while they’re on a 14-day honeymoon and our older son’s girlfriend’s cat while she travels. Our son will be leaving soon to meet up with her and Lucy the cat (an elusive dark gray cat who refuses to be photographed) will end up staying about 21-days with us.

Two litter boxes mean twice the cleaning and yes, I wear gloves and a facemask aka respirator, to clean those boxes. It’s a chore I hate!

New Odor-Fighting Cat Litter

Thankfully there’s a new odor-fighting litter I may have to ask the kids to check out and possibly supply next time. This new litter is a marriage between Tidy Cats® and Glad™.  The new product is called Tidy Cats® with Glade™ Tough Odor Solutions and it’s available at Sam’s Club. Thankfully that’ll be easy for them pick up and I suppose it’s multi-packed or giant sized for extra convenience!

I think supplying Tidy Cats with Glade,  a litter that keeps the smell at bay, is the least they can do for all of this free pet care they’re getting – don’t you?!?

How do you handle your cat’s stinky litter box?