My Best Beauty Products picks include two fabulous products from Lavanila Laboratories. The first is their Healthy Deodorant ($8-$14). It’s all-natural and scented with essential oils for a long-lasting but safe scent. It’s clinically tested to keep you smelling great, and it’s dermatologist recommended for you girls with sensitive skin.

Because it’s a deodorant and not antiperspirant, it doesn’t contain any of the harmful chemicals associated with them. Instead, it uses soothing essential oils that provide most people with all-day protection. I find I need to reapply it a few times a day, so I carry it in my bag. The scent is light and pleasing, and I love the way it goes on.

Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant, is available in Fresh Vanilla Lemon, Pure Vanilla, Vanilla Grapefruit, Vanilla Passion Fruit, and Vanilla Blackberry scents and in .09 oz and 2 oz sizes.



Lavanila Healthy Fragrance

My other fall must have is Lavanila Healthy Fragrance. My newest addition is The Healthy Roller-Ball Pure Vanilla. It joins several different scents that I’ve begun wearing. I wear this brand exclusively now because they create fantastic scents without harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances! Even though all of the scents are vanilla based, they’re unique, and I’m always getting compliments on them. I recently shared one with a friend who fell in love with it just by the scent, but when she learned about the health benefits, she was sold.

Lavanila’s Healthy Fragrances come in several different scents and sizes. Scents include Vanilla Lavender, Vanilla Coconut, Pure Vanilla, Vanilla Grapefruit, Vanilla Blackberry, Vanilla Passion Fruit, plus a Deluxe Mini Roller-Ball Set ($34) which I recommend. It contains a small set of four of my favorites.



Why Lavanila makes our Best Beauty Products List

All of Lavanila Laboratories products are vegan and never tested on animals. Plus they never contain Parabens, Petrochemicals, Phthalates, Silicones, Propylene Glycol, Mineral Oils, Synthetic Dyes, Sulfates, Chemical Sunscreens, or Aluminum.

What are your beauty must-haves?