I received Motorola S11-HD Wireless Headphones from AT&T to facilitate this review; all opinions are my own.

Motorola S11-HD Wireless Headphones - #attseattle Ad

The Motorola S11-HD Wireless Headphones are a great accessory for day-to-day phone use. They are lightweight, adjustable and sweat proof so you can take them with you to the gym and not be concerned about getting tangled up in your cables while you work out.

I was surprised at how lightweight the Motorola S11-HD Wireless Headphones. I am an ear bud user myself, but I found these to be wonderfully comfortable. It wasn’t long before I forgot I even had them on.

Let me explain: I was at work listening to music with the Motorola S11-HD Wireless Headphones and I got up to get some water. It wasn’t until the music cut out when I was about 200ft away from my smartphone that I remembered I was wearing them. Now that’s a pretty impressive range for wireless headphones. In comparison, my [amazon_link id=”B005MJU1DA” target=”_blank” ]Sound Blaster Tactic Wrath Wireless Gaming headset[/amazon_link], has trouble maintaining the signal beyond 30 feet.

The sound quality on the Motorola S11-HD Wireless Headphones is exceptionally nice as well. Even at extended distances from my phone or a low battery, the Motorola S11-HD Wireless Headphones maintained the same premium sound quality; and speaking of battery, the headphones lasted for over six hours of continuous playback. That’s more than enough time to keep me entertained at work and on the bus ride home. Plus they didn’t put a large drain on my phone’s battery.

Motorola S11-HD Wireless Headphones from ATT.com - #attseattle Ad

The Motorola S11-HD Wireless Headphones are great for working out. With an adjustable band keeping the headphones in place, I am able to run, jump, kneel, push and pull with ease. The headset stayed in place throughout my workout and there was no need to keep the phone with me while I used the exercise machines because the Motorola S11-HD Wireless Headphones have such good range. I just left my smartphone in my coat pocket and went through my exercise routine.

The only issues I had with the Motorola S11-HD Wireless Headphones is that at first glance they look pretty big and bulky, but considering the size of most HD sound headsets we see on the market today, I quickly got over it. The other issue I had is that when I am wearing my [amazon_link id=”B001DUQU0A” target=”_blank” ]Gunnar Optiks glasses[/amazon_link] the Motorola S11-HD Wireless Headphones loops over the ear and although I can fidget with it to make it comfortable they do start to put pressure on my ears after about hour or so. But other than that the Motorola S11-HD Wireless Headphones are a great buy for either personal use or as a gift for those who like to walk and talk.

Motorola S11-HD Wireless Headphones Details

  • Rapid charge – 15-minute charge provides 3 hours of audio
  • Includes soft, double-shot ear cushions in multiple sizes
  • Dual noise-cancellation microphones
  • Voice commands
  • Compatible Devices
  • Retail: $99