This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of ALPO® Brand Dog Food for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

My sweet but neurotic Pomeranian, Jewel. Ad

Pets have been a part of my family for 50 years. As each has come and gone in my life, I’ve tried to treat them as a member of the family, and my current dogs are no exception. My little girls are my constant companions, my office mates, and my protectors – well, as much protection as a 5 pound Maltese and 11 pound Pomeranian can provide.



My girls get the best of everything – beds, food, treats, and more. But they’re picky. When it comes to food they spend plenty of time sniffing and checking it out before attempting a bite. I never know what they’ll like and we’ve gone through a lot of food and treats trying to find ones they like.

Their current favorite food is the cat’s food. He’s here while my son is on his honeymoon so soon he and his food will not be available for their enjoyment. But that just reminds me that I’m still on the search for a food they’ll eat and one that will pass my tough standards.

We’ll be trying ALPO® wet pet food later this month to see if it’s the right fit for my little girls. They don’t currently eat a moist food, we’ve generally stuck to dry kibble, but I’ve been reading how dogs need a balanced diet, so we’re going to give wet a chance.

Our 5 lb tomboy, Gracie. Ad

ALPO® promises quality ingredients, vegetables, and grains. We’ve avoided grains in the past so I’m curious how my girls will handle them. They also say their balanced diet is available in different stages. Our older girl is 9 and suffers occasionally from stomach upset, so I’m looking forward to seeing what they have for my Pomeranian.

I’ll be checking out ALPO®’s nutrition page as well as their dedicated page with additional information on their wet dog food line to be sure we try the right food for our girls.

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