I received a BAXT Cosmedical Acne Kit Level I to facilitate this review; all opinions are my own.

BAXT Cosmedical Acne Kit Level II’m always skeptical when someone asks me to try an acne-fighting product. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been fighting pimples since the 70’s and I’ve tried about every product from the drug store. Most of them left my skin dry and flaky.

Perhaps that’s why I didn’t expect much when I received a new set of products from Dr. Rebecca Baxt, a board certified Dermatologist and assistant professor of clinical dermatology at the new York University School of Medicine. She’s just released BAXT Cosmedical Acne Kit.

So how does the BAXT Cosmedical Acne Kit work? It combats the dead skin cells that cause oily sebum to block your pores thus preventing them from becoming inflamed and producing a whitehead or blackhead. The kit includes 3 products targeted at cleaning your skin, keeping your pores clean, and skin clear.

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BAXT Cosmedical Acne Kit Level I

This 3-step system retails for $50 (an $8 savings from purchasing separately).

Acne Cleanser – this lightweight cleanser is nearly scent free and contains 5% Benzoyl Peroxide. Use it twice a day on areas that are prone to breakout. Retail: $15.00

Exfoliating Pads – Disposable cleansing pads with Glycolic and Salicylic acids which can be used anywhere breakouts occur. Use them in the morning or after the gym Avoid delicate eye area. Light scent and slight sting. Retail: $17.00

Acne Clearing Gel.  Apply this gel (though it’s more a very thick lotion) to active pimples or areas of concern – avoid the delicate eye area. It contains 5% Benzoyl Peroxide.  Retail: $12.00

BONUS: Oil Free Light Moisturizer – super light and fragrance-free. Good for all skin types and for acne prone skin. Retail: $14.00

BAXT Cosmedical Acne Kit Level I – My Results

BAXT Cosmedical Acne Kit Level I  issues - adI LOVED this kit. First the bonus of having my pores shrink noticeably and pimples clear up overnight when I use the clearing gel makes it invaluable to me. I’ve used all of the products in other areas of my body prone to acne and it’s worked just as effectively.

I did have one small issue with the product in that it cause some discoloration under my eyes. It was completely my fault. I wasn’t paying attention while applying either the clearing gel or the exfoliation pads and they worked like they were supposed to and shrunk the skin. Unfortunately that left me with rings under my eyes and discolored skin. It went away after about 5 days and since then I’ve been more careful about placement and haven’t experienced the problem again.

My two must-haves from the line are the clearing gel and the exfoliating pads. I find the moisturizer not enough for my eye area but it’s fine for cheeks, neck, and forehead. The cleanser is fabulous, I’m just not very good at washing my face at night. I do when I wear makeup, but I generally only wash it in the shower.

I’m loving the BAXT Cosmedical Acne Kit Level I. I expect my kit to last 2-3 months at my current usage (yours may vary depending on your own usage amount) so I find it quite reasonably priced. I also love the unexpected bonus that my skin is less red and blotchy and much more evenly colored.

The BAXT Cosmedical Acne Kit is also available in Level II.  It’s much stronger than most other acne products available without a prescription.  Retail cost: $55.00

Purchase BAXT Cosmedical products online. In addition to the acne products, you’ll find other skincare products like a clay mint mask, Elite Sunscreen, eye repair, eye cream, body lotion, eye serum, facial cream, and more.

For more information, please visit www.cosmedical.com or visit Baxt Cosmedical Facebook Fan Page.