I’m sharing my experience with the Walmart Family Mobile plan as part of #FamilyMobileSaves social shopper insights study for #cbias – I have been compensated for my participation. All opinions are my own.  Walmart Family Mobile - Is it Worth It I wanted to follow up on my Walmart Family Mobile cell plan (read: Walmart Family Mobile Plan – Lowest Price Rate?).  I’m doing a 3-month trial to find out if I really can save money on my cellphone bill. The quick answer is YES! I gave the phone to my mom to try out since she was using an old flip phone with a prepaid card. She’s about to turn 75 and this is her first smartphone. While the media would have you think anyone over 30 is a bumbling fool when it comes to technology, I’m here to tell you that’s not the case. In fact, she’s loving it and doing well with it! Walmart Family Mobile Trouble Shooting Issues - #FamilyMobileSaves #cbias #shop

Walmart Family Mobile Tech Help

We did have a few bumps on the road to her becoming a new Walmart Family Mobile customer; however, a quick phone call to Walmart Family Mobile’s tech help got her account corrected and the service up and running within minutes. I’m not sure if the original error was theirs or mine. I’m just grateful they didn’t waste any time trying to figure it out whose error it was. They just got it fixed in minutes and thanked us for our patronage. I loved it.

We had to make a second call when we accidently locked ourselves out of the online account by using the wrong password too many times. They were kind and polite and after providing the required information, they reset our password for us. Manage Your walmart Family Mobile Account Online - #FamilyMobileSaves, #cbias #shop

Walmart Family Mobile: Online Account Management and Information

We’ve been managing her account online and I’ve been helping her a bit with that. I’m covering her first three months of service and then she’s taking over the bill. I have no worries about her being able to do that herself by using autopay and at $29.95 a month, it’s completely affordable for her. Plus since she has unlimited talk, texting, and data, I don’t have to worry about her going over any limits and having an enormous bill. If you remember I kicked my mother off my family cell plan because she talks on the phone so much she was going over our 800 shared minutes! I don’t know who she calls or what she talks about, but she was doing more minutes than the other 4 of us combined! Connecting to the Internet on Walmart Family Mobile on her first Smartphone at age 74 - #FamilyMobileSaves, #cbias #shop

myTouch Smartphone

Mom loves her myTouch and I’m impressed and proud of her for figuring it out. I’ve been making her do it on her own because I think you learn and retain more when you’re forced to find a way to make it work (at least that’s what she told me 30 years ago when I needed help with my homework!). I did set up her email account and Google Play since she’d never used it before. She loves being able to access her email from anywhere!

Now she downloads apps with ease, reads and responds to her email, reads books via the Kindle app, and plays Spider Solitaire.

Unlimited text voice and data for under $40 a month - yes! - #FamilyMobileSaves #cbias #shop

Final Thoughts

Who says you can’t learn as you get older. My nearly 75-year old mother is living proof that technology isn’t just for the young and saving money is universal! I think once my current cellphone contract ends I’ll be joining my mom on her Walmart Family Mobile plan so I can save some money myself. I’m paying $50 for my unlimited phone/texting and $20 for data – yikes! It would be fabulous to pay less for the same amount of service. Have you checked your plan? There are ways to save on your cellphone bill!